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Submitted by resistance100 2722d ago | review

Dubious Reviews gives Metal Gear Solid 4 104%

I have never cried while playing a game. Not until MGS4, that is. At the end of this game, I am not ashamed to say that I fell to my knees and wept; I wept for myself, for my penis, and for my planet.

I would award this title 95% were it merely a game, but MGS4 is more than that. It is a beautiful metaphor for the tragic emasculation of humanity in today's cold, modern age. This game has the courage to stand up and say: The Garbage Men are real, and they are within us all.

This surely merits at least another 9%, don't you think?

DUBIOUS REVIEW SCORE: 104% (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 100/100

TheHater  +   2722d ago
LOL...This is a first. I played the game, and I still cannot believe how good this game is. After playing it, I don't feel like playing anything else because of the massive difference between them.
Jamie Foxx  +   2722d ago
but im still in shock over gamespots score!
juuken  +   2722d ago
Yeah, I feel the same way. I forgot about the other games I need to beat. x3
TheHater  +   2722d ago
@Jamie Foxx
What did Gamespot gave this game? I am banned from that site for call them out.

I know what you mean. I was suppose to beat Folklore to give it back to my friend, but since MGS4 came out, that all I have been playing. I haven't touch the online as yet. Dam this game is good.

@AlterEgo and Luca Blight
Thanks, I didn't know that. Well it look like Judgment day is coming. Better start building a safe house because the day gamespot gives a ps3 exclusive a 10, is Judgment day.
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Luca Blight  +   2722d ago
Gamespot gave MGS4 a 10/10.

EDIT: I got a disagree for posting what Gamespot gave MGS4? LOL - how is that even possible?
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AlterEgo  +   2722d ago
Gamespot gave it a 10
juuken  +   2722d ago
Hater, I was supposed to beat Devil May Cry 4, and I haven't even touched GTAIV in a while. This game is still in my PS3 from when I get home from my college. I convinced my fellow girl gamer to get it because she was interested in the plot when I explained some of it to her. :3

So yay, we have yet another person buying MGS4.
Cartesian3D  +   2722d ago
Im in shock too..@1.1 and 1
cuz of GAME itself not Gamespot perfect score..

every site that reviewed this game under 10 cuz of Cutscenes are all bunch of stupids who wants to press some bottons ,kill some aliens and beat the game without any story ... and they dont enjoy this title because they dont understand the story..

to All 360 fanboys and Haters , if you dont want to help PS3 sales,just rent this game.. You will wet your pants after playin this game.. its DAMN EPIC.
TheHater  +   2722d ago
I have yet to beat Devil May Cry 4, and I got that game the day it came out. I don't know, but for some reason, I don't like it very much, and the story is not interesting at all.
Jamie Foxx  +   2722d ago
lol you called them out lol,good on you they are bias as hell but guess what...even they had to realise true majestic gaming gamespot gave mgs4 a ps3 exclusive 10/10 lol
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juuken  +   2722d ago
Know what you mean Hater. DMC4 isn't bad but I hate the idea that they split up the missions between Nero and Dante. Nobody can replace the badass Dante. u_u
TheHater  +   2722d ago
yeah, I would have prefer to play the entire game as Dante. I hated how half way trough the game, you were force to switch characters, and you basically play troughs the same level again. I guess that why I stop playing. :(
will11  +   2722d ago
MGS4 sucks
juuken  +   2722d ago
Yeah, I'm on mission 10.
I hated fighting Agnus. :[

I hope when they do consider a DMC5 that they make Dante the enter of attention again and bring back freakin' Vergil.
Xiru  +   2722d ago
Wii isn't selling.

See? I can say stuff thats totally untrue, just like the post two above mine.
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nix  +   2722d ago
damn chris buffa! not again!

EDIT: dude will11, what happened man..? i know you've been talking (good things) about this game for quite some time. too addictive? q:
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TheHater  +   2722d ago
Or the can make an entire DMC game about Virgil. I would personally would like to play an entire DMC with Virgil as the main character, and explore his background and story a lot more
juuken  +   2722d ago
Yeah! That would be great too!
...Holy crap, we're off topic. o_o;
...Anyways, yeah. MGS4 is freakin' awesome. Whoever doesn't buy this game is missing out on an amazing experience.

(And don't hate ya'll but I'm still on Act One. ^^;;;; Finishing these last two classes at my college is hampering play time. >.<)
TheHater  +   2722d ago
I am currently on the last part of Act 5, and I don't want to finis the game as yet. I have to study for Finals this week, and after that, it all MGS4 for the next three weeks before I start my Summer Semester. College sucks went a great game such as this one comes out
KingKirchner  +   2721d ago
I feel the same way. MGS4 is the greatest game I've ever played and IMO greatest game ever created. However, it comes with the price that everything else will feel mediocre for a very long time.

MGS4 has raised the bar so high it seems impossible for anything else to reach it for a VERY long time.
As the credits in the game said "Voice of God: Hideo Kojima"
ash_divine  +   2722d ago
now thats a good score
heyheyhey  +   2722d ago
the game is.... more than perfect?

Pain  +   2722d ago
it would be 105% if it was free.
but im good with 104%.
resistance100  +   2722d ago
Just so you know it won't let me enter 104 as a review score so i have entered the maxium score possible (i.e 100%)
resistance100  +   2722d ago
Lol at the disagree's

I just stated a fact
Cartesian3D  +   2722d ago
today I touched MGS4 Box..
tonight I wont sleep..
Mr PS3  +   2722d ago
I Give it
It's that damm Good
On second playthrough on easy (Having some fun and exploring everything )
Then gonna tackle Hard
Can't wait Awsome Game
Thank you Kojima
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Rhyan  +   2721d ago
i would expect someone as metal as yourself to go after hard first... you know since im the backstreet fan or whatever you called me, and because metallica is so metal, Its just not very metal of you to start out easy, tsk tsk james hetfield would be disappointed in you because someone who already beat on the hardest difficulty and is a "backstreet " beat it before you... tsk tsk tsk... watch your mouth next time tard boy... next time ill go lars ulrich on your ass and report you or better yet get some money out of you ;)
IzKyD1331  +   2722d ago
the difference between this game and GTA IV
is the fact that this DESERVES the praise....while reviewers were just handing out 10s and other perfect scores to GTA IV just because of the hype
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ban fans  +   2722d ago
Totally agree
GTA4 is fun, but not deserving of a 10; a solid 8 or maybe a 9. GTA4 is the same old formula that they have always used. MGS4 is just plain epic.
mightydog01  +   2722d ago
bloody marvelous
MGS4 is the best game of all time out to date, Its bloody awesome and I mean awesome. The story the gfx the sound everything about it say mega awesomeness of a classic. And gamers who not seen or play it yet are truly missing out on this megatron of a game MGS4......Pure ART A MASTERPIECE with out a doubt....Even my brother's jaw drop to the floor when he came round and saw mgs4 in action...He was totally gob-smacked
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KingKirchner  +   2721d ago
I agree. GTAIV got high scores for the sheer quantity and amount of things to do, even if some of them were flawed. It was a fun game that had tons of stuff to do.

Wheras MGS4 is a masterpiece of quality (allthough it does have plenty of quantity as well). And one of the best experiences ever experienced to boot.

GTA4 is a great game, but it's just that; a game. MGS4 is an experience and one that only comes once every decade or so.
name  +   2722d ago
I refuse to allow my mgs4 box to leave it's limited edition casing.
xm15e2s  +   2722d ago
"today I touched MGS4 Box..
tonight I wont sleep.."

That's pretty gay...
karlostomy  +   2722d ago
MGS IV 104%?
hmmm Undoubtedly MGSIV looks like the best game on PS3 yet.

Does it deserve 95%? Yes, it would seem to
DOes it deserve 100% Maybe, for those that are very impressed and hardcore fans.
Does it deserve 104%? Wow lol.... That is just a bit hysterical.

Perhaps this guaranteed a few extra thousand hits for the review website?
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dachiefsman  +   2722d ago
I agree with 95% although that might go up to 100% since I haven't played the online yet. The story for me just got either "bizarre" or I was looking at my screen saying "right". The game was fun though and I will definitely be playing it again!
himdeel  +   2722d ago
My wife...
...was watching me play MGS4 for about 30 minutes before she realized that it wasn't a DVD movie or some anime. I was watching FFVII Advent Children they day before so that kind of threw her off :) Either way it was the continue screen gave me away.

I'm in act 5 now and I have been loving every minute of it. With each cut scene I'm just floored by all the dots finally being connected one by one. It's an amazing experience!

I've said this in another post but I think ALL games should be reviewed by a fan of the series or genre when possible and someone new to the series/genre. I prefer and search for two opinions with all of my game reviews, a biased one and an unbiased one, this seems more beneficial to me then having just one of either.

Also since they're throwing around ridiculous scores I'll give MGS4 a score of 1.89 million out of 900,000.
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VampHuntD  +   2722d ago
I agree with a few things
Even there are some things that annoy me about the game, (such as not being able to save until you get to a checkpoint, or rather you can save, but it won't do you any good) it has been one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had within a game. I was up until 5am because I kept trying to put down the controller and decided, no just one more objective. MGS4 draws you in and keeps you hanging on every word. I agree that is more than a game, it is a social commentary and a pointed argument wrapped into a game and it's awesome.
Bladestar  +   2722d ago
mmmm...kind of stupid you know.. i understand a 100%... but does this mean now games can reach 200/100?
nix  +   2722d ago
only a PS3 games can. q:
mistertwoturbo  +   2722d ago
Well if Halo 3 got a 100/100 which it clearly didn't deserve. So since MGS4 is that much better a game, then it does deserve a 200/100 in comparison.
Bladestar  +   2722d ago
Halo 3?... mmm the same applies to every PS3 game that got a 100/100 you know... on second though did any PS3 get that high prior to metal gear? Probably that's the reason why they didn't know what to do with this one...
AshleyRiot  +   2721d ago
I don't see why not the single player experience defintely deserves the 100 score. The other 100 I would give to MGO it's awesome! Have you tried it? 200/100 hell yeah
Imallvol7  +   2722d ago
I am relieved that I am not the only one who feels like this about this game. It is breathtaking. Makes you feel like you have been missing out for so long.
#14 (Edited 2722d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mistertwoturbo  +   2722d ago
Anybody actually read this stupid review? I'm not saying it's stupid for the review score. But the actual review has nothing to do with the game. This should be removed.
PoSTedUP  +   2722d ago
yes, this game is very emotional, intence..... its everything a real game should have and their should be more devs like konami. he really has touched our hearts with this one.

AT mr PS3- someone said they beat the whole game on hard in like 12 hours. well thats no way to play this game. this is the kind of unique and rare game where you should take your time with and enjoy every moment of. i cant wait to play it again on hard : )
DarkSniper  +   2722d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots is a perfect example of what the PlayStation experience can bring you. When you play an exclusive title on PLAYSTATION®3, you're treated to a magical and immersive experience that cannot be done on no other platform.

Good luck Microslaves. Dark Sniper hears that you will be receiving a Metal Gear Solid game which was the PlayStation original back from a decade ago. Good luck with trying to switch the controller to port 2.

Seems like Xbox 360 cant do the simplest things right.

dachiefsman  +   2722d ago
++When you play an exclusive title on PLAYSTATION®3, you're treated to a magical and immersive experience that cannot be done on no other platform.++

Really i downloaded Haze and played 5 minutes then deleted it.

Play the games not the console...fool!
#17.1 (Edited 2722d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bill Gates  +   2722d ago
Blu-ray FTW
DuelShock FTW
Best Exclusives FTW
Your Mom FTW

Spike47  +   2722d ago
Damn you
MGS4 and damn you Kojima for making me have to make a hard decision once again.

I'm gonna go buy GTA4 this weekend(yeah I know a little bit late) but should I buy MGs4 instead.

I wanna buy a game that lasts long.
Peow  +   2721d ago
You'd have to have an IQ of about 10 to buy GTAIV over MGS4.

MGS4 will last long. Try and get all the emblems. It's hard to do! And besides there's online. I only played one game and it was pretty dang fun, but I wanted to play it offline a little more. With every difficulty there's more challenges. It's not just better AI, but with more enemies, and alot of other nifty things, like dropping essential items after being hit really hard. Just one of hte many things.
likeaboss302  +   2721d ago
I disagree, not everyone wants to play through a game to get a bunch of emblems. I like a game I can sit through and get most of the experience in one time through. While the MGS4 experience was fun because I'm a fan of the series, GTA 4 was more fun to me because I was in control for most of the game.
#19.2 (Edited 2721d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Peow  +   2721d ago
GTAIV was more fun for the first few hours, then it just got dull and repetitive. I've clocked in oh... 2 days worth of MGS4 and I'm not bored of it yet. That's usually saying something.

Anyway, to each his own I guess :)
Lotto  +   2722d ago
This is stupid. Reviews scores are pointless if they score a game more then max. Its just like when someone gave super mario galaxy 11/10.

Dont get me wrong I think MGS4 is fu*king awesome but
giving it over 100 is stupid. Giving any game over the max possible score is stupid
#20 (Edited 2722d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Aclay  +   2722d ago
MGS4 is just greatness, what else is there to say?

I hope that more developers start stepping up to the plate and start delivering games of MGS4 status.

I hope that Kojima's next big project is a PS3 exclusive as well. Judging by the way MGS4 turned out, it's obvious that his games can ONLY be made on the Playstation 3 and I'm sure Kojima wants to dive deeper into the Cell.
likeaboss302  +   2721d ago
I'm worried about this game and the scores it's getting for a couple of reasons. While it's a fun game with a deep story I'm not sure I want developers to think it's ok to make games like this. While it works for Metal Gear it isn't ok for other games. My biggest problem is that from Act 3 on it seems like you watch more then you play. I think there could have been more done to balance the cutscenes and gameplay. (playing as the supporting cast would be nice) Someone posted earlier that people that complain about the cutscenes just want to blast aliens. That's not true at all it's just a lot of us like to "play" games not "watch" them. As much as I love the Metal Gear series I was let down at the end because I felt like I should have played more of it instead of watching it. A little editing of the cutscenes and putting some of the story into gameplay elements would have truly made this a masterpiece. IMHO
HateBoy  +   2722d ago
I think he wept most about his penis... tihihihihihihi.
ReaperXL7  +   2721d ago
I wont go into detail but
I will say with no doubt in my mind that this game has probably the most Epic final boss fight i've ever seen, the whole game is incredible but the that last fight just took it over the top for me.
likeaboss302  +   2721d ago
Yeah it was fun but also really easy on Solid Normal.
#23.1 (Edited 2721d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
G1TR4P3D  +   2721d ago
metal queer solid...confirmed.
PoSTedUP  +   2721d ago
metal "queer" solid....? honestly? cmon dude be foreal..

anyways.. shadow mosses for the win! that sh*t is crazy!
steck67  +   2721d ago
metal queer solid...confirmed...
...To kill everything the 360 got! Seriously though, why come in here and talk nonsense? Stop embarrasing youself.
G1TR4P3D  +   2721d ago
just trying my best to imitate your droid army with queers/tears of War.

Ju  +   2721d ago
LOL...this is something new. But original and brave :)
Alvadr  +   2721d ago
Completed this game earlier today.. 24hours on normal difficulty.

Im still trying to absorb this game, it seriously moved me.. cant really explain it but im just left in awe!

I envy anyone who hasnt started this game yet. Wish i could erase my memory and play through this incredible experiance all over again.

I wasnt a fan of the MGS series, i knew very little about the story. I played through MGS1 and half of MGS2 years and years ago after struggling with the controls and getting lost in the complex story... but dispite that MGS4 was fantastic and exceed my expectations tenfold.

Back to playing GTA now inbetween a few MGO matches... for a week... then its time to beat it on hard.
VampHuntD  +   2721d ago
All I'm saying
It's not that he gave the game a 8/10. It's that his reason for giving the game an 8/10 were because they didn't include lemets that don't blong in MGS in the game. He doesn't understand that MGS isn't a first person shooter, but rather a stealth action game. The point of stealth action is not to cause an alert and battle your way out, it is to be sneaky enough to never be seen. This reviewer obviously did not get that part at the very least.

Then to go after everyone else's reviews of the game that gave it 10s because they are "Kojima fanboys" is just stupid. If he wanted to defend his view by doing so, I would have respected him for it. he did the opposite and just said I'm right and everyone else is a fanboy. I mean cmon when you announce that were you were going to comment on glass breaking physics, you are reaching. You are more than reaching you are clinging to something to knock it for. Unless of course the point of the game is to break glass.

There are certain things that annoy me about the game for example not really having a save ability because it only happens at checkpoints, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that makes this game an 8. I don't belive in giving perfect 10s either because I come from the old school of gaming where 10/10 means we found absolutely nothing wrong with this game. This new rule of 10/10 means it isn't perfect but it's awesome isn't what I'm used to or like, if it's not perfect but it's awesome, then it's a 9.5-9.8 out of 10. For me, MGS4 would easily be a 9.5 at the lowest, to a 9.8 at the highest.
avacadosnorkel  +   2721d ago
yeah I might have had a tear too
it was the combination of a lot of things - the music, the story, my own thoughts about how things related to my life some times.

Nice to see an over 10 score...I think for once it should happen.

This game is like the Beatles. It can only happen once.
xm15e2s  +   2721d ago
We all know that if this was an Xbox 360 exclusive these same people that are crying over how moving the game is would be calling it an overrated piece of crap. lol

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