GTA IV: The Definitive Verdict

With so many reviewers desperate to get their GTA IV review out as quickly as possible, many people have questioned the incredibly high scores it's been given. Directly after this came the wave of cynics giving the game a serious bashing.

But GamingVerdict have taken their time with this one, because it's important. And now that the hype and anger has faded away, they bring you the totally unbiased review of GTA IV you've all been waiting for.

Don't believe the hype? Then see what you should believe.

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CrashSharc3831d ago

y'know I didn't beleive people when they were saying this game is over rated and all, because I was still having fun with it. But quite frankly, after playing MGS4 and experiencing what a 10/10 game REALLY is, GTA4, and anyother game this gen that has scored 10/10 is vastly overrated. Sorry to offend anyone, but that's just my opinion.

himdeel3831d ago

...GTA4 is a solid 8/10.

DJtyler3831d ago

I agree with you guys. I was hoping for more innovation in GTA4. I think Vice City is still the best GTA game and always will be. MGS4 however deserves a 10. Ive played it. Awesome. Trust me.

Asurastrike3831d ago

This review is spot on. It basically touched on every negative thing I have to say about the game.