Weekend GTAO Hints – Snow and Money

Two new glitches for GTA Online have been found this weekend. The first gives you a snow effect online (something that Rockstar has not enabled by default, for whatever reason) and the second lets you rob armored trucks indefinitely.

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USMC_POLICE1507d ago

No nor letting us store emergency vehicles in our garage neither but they took that away too.

Rocky51507d ago

The issue with money glitches are in the eyes of Rockstar, is your stealing from them. (Stealing potential micro transactions)

I personally say screw them, since 8mil credits cost like £80 if they were priced at say £8 for 8mil they would have my cash, but 10 times that is a bloody joke.

r1sh121506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

thats sort of true, but there are many people who will never do any sort of micro transactions and where possible if a money glitch is discovered the will take the opportunity to exploit them.

Its pretty stupid, micro transactions are literally giving those players an advantage with some weapons.

Are there any heists yet? (I really wanna know cos I havent played GTA since a month after it came out).

Rocky51506d ago

No, no heists yet, it's still a pain to make ends meat in the game.