Dead Rising 3 - PC: Remove 30 FPS Cap

Dead Rising 3 gets the ultimate edition on PC with the cap of 30 FPS, which is, we know; not good for the high end gaming systems. If you want to remove the cap of that FPS, you have to do some tweaks.

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arbitor3651557d ago

putting a 30FPS cap on a PC game is just pure foolishness. especially when its not even a really demanding game

Vegamyster1557d ago

Digital Foundry & Total Biscuit couldn't even get the game to run at 60 fps 1080p on high end PC's, it was a pretty lazy port from what I've seen.

RankFTW1557d ago

Remove the 30fps cap then play the game at 20fps anyway. Unoptimized as fuck.

sikandar2011557d ago

Change your System bro!! I guess it is too much old....

iamgoatman1556d ago

Total Biscuit couldn't maintain 60fps with an Nvidia Titan, and there are no SLI/Crossfire profiles yet, so you can't just throw another GPU at it either.

Doesn't matter what you have, the game runs like crap. Nothing to do with peoples hardware not being up to snuff.

edqe1557d ago

Yet another awful lazy port. Unfortunately most of the big AAA games are like this nowadays; made for consoles, simple, straightforward, lots of hand holding, GUI designed for gamepad, etc.

Fortunately there's still great smaller publishers and developer who makes games for PC.

kevnb1557d ago

oh be quiet, its a lazy game period. Its not AAA, its a xbox one launch title that everyone else has already forgotten about.

Allsystemgamer1557d ago

I can't even launch the game. Demanding refund.