8 Most Horrible Deaths in Video Games

Bite4Free: Here we are with the list of 10 Most Horrible Deaths in Video Games. These deaths can effect on your mind.

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Physco1558d ago

Agree with you Death Scenes from Saw and Mortal Combat are really Horrible

RondoMachete1558d ago

Why put that dumb advert in the middle of the page,it's way to big and in the way....Good list though.

Gatsu1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It's pretty hard to make such "top death list", as it is all about opinions and so many games out there. I honestly don't think Tomb Raider should be on this list as the deaths weren't really that brutal. But I can think of some more brutal deaths.

Resident Evil 2 that parasite monster which rips the guy apart from inside, or William Birkin's last form (that blob) pulls you into his mouth at the train part.

Resident Evil 4 has quite a lot of death scenes too.

Catdawgg1558d ago

I feel like they chose the wrong death from The Last of Us. When you get caught by a bloater and he rips Joel's jaw off his face is much worse.

CloudRap1558d ago

Carlos from Saints Row 2, most serious moment in the entire franchise.

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