Risen 3 Titan Lords Review: A Revelation: Hardcore Games

Hardcore Games - I like my avatar in Risen 3. He speaks with a slow, rasping British accent and drops f-bombs at the drop of a hat—a kind of street-wise, Cockney Clint Eastwood with no voice filter and a tricorn hat. Although It’s not as if developer, Piranha Byes’ invention isn’t about as stock as they come. He is. But the f-bombs and dopey pirate hat, in an open-world RPG? That’s kind of unique I’d say. But, probably, I enjoy the character because I love the game. While not exactly ground-breaking, Risen 3 is a Piranha Byes title, which means, like British Clint Eastwood, it’s its own game.

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Ocsta1478d ago

I'm enjoying the crud out of this game. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good RPG right now.

annoyedgamer1472d ago

Well this is a stand out...

HardcoreDroid1471d ago

Absolutely love it. Underrated.