Jimmy Fallon Gives Mario Kart 8 Game of the Year; Reggie then Lays Down a Challenge

Late night talk host Jimmy Fallon loves him some Mario Kart 8, but does he have a chance against Reggie?

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Starbucks_Fan1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

MK8 is a fantastic game.

I think Smash will get GOTY imo.

eworthington01499d ago

I only play mk8 at drunk parties on a big ass projector in the middle of the night, its awesome!
Buuut... ssb has been my favorite game since n64.
I cant even imagine how much time I spent in melee.
Now there is a portable version!!
With shulk!

EeJLP-1499d ago

I guess it needs to be mentioned, but we're only through 8 months of the year.. GotYs should be given out in December/January, not right after August ended.

Concertoine1499d ago


I doubt Fallons taking it that seriously.

Highlife1499d ago

Good game but not game of the year. To me it just felt like a hd upgrade of the wii version. Double dash is my favorite one at least they tried something slightly different.

Brazz1499d ago

I think Destiny will will most Goty, but yeah, i can see smash whit 1 or 2...

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

I'll get Destiny once it comes to either PC or Wii U.
Otherwise I'm steering clear of it, because I refuse to pay for online and I'm afraid my poor old PS3 won't have the memory to handle it on top of all my other games.XD

Sheed1498d ago

@disagrees jesus, is it that outlandish to think destiny will be GOTY?

lawgone1498d ago

@sheed...many people aren't that impressed with it. It's nothing new. Cancelled my preorder once I saw the gameplay videos.

BX811499d ago

Idk man, it would be hard for a fighting game to get Goty. There is stiff competition this holiday season as well. That would be cool to see a nin game get Goty especially after the rough time the wii u has had. I guess well see.

snake_charmer1499d ago

he said "so far" so might change his opinion when smash comes out

lawgone1498d ago

This would be front page news if it were a Sony game. Unfortunately you can't get through all the recycled Sony Playstation garbage to find any decent gaming news.

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gootimes1499d ago

I need a WiiU, holy crap MK8 looks fun.

R00bot1499d ago

That DLC as well *_*
Link in Mario Kart!!!!11!!!1!!!one!!!
And 16 extra tracks for that low price.

annoyedgamer1499d ago

Nintendo is finally selling the WiiU and giving it the attention it deserves. I need to get one.

maniacmayhem1499d ago

Mario Kart 8 is a damn good game and a welcome return to the Kart series. I agree, I have tons of fun with this game alone so far.

WeAreLegion1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Mario Kart 8 is great if you want to race, but for people like me who enjoy battle mode more, giving it GOTY or a 10/10 is pretty insulting. They completely mutilated what is considered to be half of the "Mario Kart Experience" and it still gets 10's? It's a good game, but that's just plain wrong.

And let's not pretend Jimmy actually plays video games, either. This is his PR team. Have you seen him play these games on the show? It's not a matter of skill. It's a matter of knowledge. He doesn't play games. It's publicity. At least Conan is honest about it.

nX1499d ago

Agree with everything you said 👍
I really miss the old battle mode.

marloc_x1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I'm hoping that one of the new Cups offered has tighter battle oriented tracks.

As far as Fallon, you are a little jugemental, No? It was @jimmyfallon, not the Tonight Show..

Really, PR would favour the Gamepad over asking him to promote the Pro. He likes the game :)'re not really the PR team for Conan are you!?

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