FIFA 15 Dominates Amazon UK Charts With 8 Out Of 20 Slots

All FIFA 15 platform versions are charting in the top 20 with 3 weeks until release with the PS4 version unsurprisingly leading the charge at #3 and the Xbox One version follows at #6.

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qwerty6761499d ago

Sony PlayStation 4 Console with Destiny


wait does that mean destiny is bundled for free?

lelo2play1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Yes, it's bundled for free in Europe. PS4 with Destiny for £349 or 399€ in other European countries.

As for FIFA dominating Amazon UK Charts, not surprising. This is Europe.

Magicite1499d ago

damn, they truly are obsessed with football in UK.

Linwelin1499d ago

Just like Americans r obsessed with American football (Rugby with pads)

MRMagoo1231499d ago

Nothing new here really, FIFA always tops the charts in the UK on any site that tracks game sales.

Blueraven3161499d ago

More sony domination. Only one wiiu game on there. Sad lol

Dubaman1499d ago

Microsoft has more games in the top 20 than Sony so where's the domination? Fanboy. Sad lol
The WiiU game is also an exclusive and considering many people have been and keep saying, "it'll be a flop", i'd say that's pretty impressive, especially as it's in the UK too which isn't a very Nintendo friendly place.

yankolo1498d ago

Fifa amazing btter and better and better