It's Dangerous to Go Alone: Why Are Gamers So Angry?

I saw people unblushingly come in swinging demanding that review scores be changed to the “correct” scores, and stating that “incorrect” scores, when counted on Metacritic, unfairly “harmed” games and gamers.

I’ve spent time in a lot of places that draw the opinionated and the zealous. I hang out with artsy theater people, with angry political activists, and with nerds of all stripes. And never have I met a group of people as doggedly convinced that their opinion is “objectively” correct as gamers.

-Daily Beast

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Lord_Sloth1535d ago

Just a guess but it could have something to do with the entire planet considering us losers? That said this is also a stereotype. I often meet very calm and goofy people who share my hobby. It's ignorant kids yelling into their mics who are the issues.

Heisenburger1535d ago

If by gamers you mean some people that also happen to play video games, I'm sure most of it is insecurities. Every person that sets out to insult somebody else, or prove how intelligent they are certainly reek of insecurity. Manic depressives, when having an episode of mania, perhaps would have an inflated sense of self worth when telling game developers what features should or should NOT be in their creation.

I have insecurities myself, but mine are the kind that eat me from the inside, and do not negatively affect my interactions with people.

When gaming online you can usually tell the issue. I am twenty-five, and can tell if someone is around my age or significantly younger. I have never once had any issue with someone my age. It's a lot of kids, trying to show off for their friends, with little to no supervision that are the main issue when gaming online. But for ever kid there are twelve people that will sit there and answer a question I have when I started FF XIV for the first time and was scrubbing it up.

It has a lot to do with maturity, and that particular individual's issues that he may or may not have. I was once playing Uncharted 3 online, the mode that is similar to capture the flag only with hefty treasure, and our team won with a 2:1 ratio(I cannot remember the exact score, but it was low).

I scored one of our two points by running across the entire map, alone, constantly dodging gunfire, and throwing the treasure so I could run faster. It was my first time playing that game mode, and it was really exciting to win. After the match I received a message from someone who was both apparently my opponent, and apparently someone that had shot at me when I hail Mary scored. The message was:

"Hey b----. Scoring p----. What are you afraid of me?"

The part that I find mind boggling is the "scoring p-" part. I was seriously insulted for doing the objective of the match. I was apparently supposed to drop my treasure and fight him and his team, or better yet, let them kill me.

For that, I really have no explanation. He has to have some serious anger issues to get that angry over THAT. He has to have low self-esteem. Either that, or he is psychotic. Statistically that is not improbable. You should not let people that behave as such make you angry, or feel sorry for yourself. Honestly, you should pity them. My grandmother told me that how people treat you reflect back how they think of themselves, not you. I have always tried, and failed plenty of times, to live my life by that.

You should pity someone who is clearly miserable.

knifefight1534d ago

It's true. Any game review, you see a bunch of people who haven't played it or have only played a demo acting like they "know" better. Ugh. And then the writers are getting harassed, yet we don't see this with books or movies. I think sometimes we do in the music world, but can't recall examples.