Dear Nintendo… The Wii U

Hi! My name is Craigery and I have recently went out and bought the newest “Next Generation” system you guys have produced over there at Nintendo called the “Wii-U”.

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TheLyonKing1533d ago

I am not buying one until more software comes to it. I missed out on the wii but will pick up a u solely for Nintendo games, they are still of top quality.

I feel Nintendo will be doomed to this fate though of the majority of people buying only for Nintendo meaning they don't have a huge install base.

RAFFwaff1533d ago

Dude, if you missed out on the Wii, then with a Wii U you're getting 2 consoles in one, not to mention Gameboy Advance, Snes, games etc. Silly boy.

BullyMangler1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

LMAO . is there even a game in the PSN Game of the Month catalog, that is more challenging than TW101, let alone DKTF for wiiU ?


trolling fail, this vid. lol

lonelyplayer1533d ago

I bought one few months ago but I never used it. I still have faith though

Metallox1532d ago

What's up with huys that buy things they know they will never use for x reason?

coltlokk1533d ago

You're asking for more software when you have a bunch of wii games you missed out on. Sure there were a lot of shovelware titles and party games, but you also missed out on Mario Galaxy 1&2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess etc...

Well, this holiday would be a good time to get one with Smash Bros and Bayo 2 coming out.

Paprika1533d ago

If Mario kart can sell say 5 million copies, then Zelda another unique 5 million. Ie 2 groups of gamers totalling 10million unique sales, I don't think exclusives with that much pull are to be frowned at.

This was hypothetical, in reality it won't work that way. But the point is still valid. The Wii u has a lifeline which is its exclusives, they should get respect for surviving without the huge multiplats!

Geekman1533d ago

Was this supposed to be funny?

jayzablade1533d ago

I was just wondering that myself!

Shnazzyone1532d ago

Ugh, terrible. Did he do this in an hour? Halfway through he can't even pace the text with what he's saying. What an stupid video. He does realize all his wii peripherals work with it. He said he got a wii. What a dumbass.

Sounds like the typical whiner articles but in obnoxious narration mode. I feel bad for GOG for having their info at the start of this god awful video from an unfunny person.

eworthington01533d ago

Yeah this was really dumb.
Not funny.
Not from a nintendo fan perspective but as a person with a sense of humor.
Mega lame dude.
Tasteless and rude.

Chrischi19881532d ago

The author found a way to prove how childish and stupid he is^^ Way to go!

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The story is too old to be commented.