How searching for misogyny in video games might be more damaging

Misogyny in video games has been a hot button issue for quite some time. But never before has it been so rampant, like a wildfire spreading uncontrollably from one blog post to another, engulfing all in its path. Watching the past month unfold through Twitter, Tumblr, gaming sites and articles, has been daunting, exhausting and filled with WTF moments that have left Janci, and many others, speechless. The cry for diversity and better representation of women in games has been loud and present but seems to be raising its voice as of late. As someone who has been playing video games since the age of three Janci finds that confusing, misdirected and unfounded.

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DanielGearSolid1532d ago

The fact of the matter is...

Feminists can easily promote games that have diversity, and motivate their following to buy those games...

But instead they complain about the most popular games. Because it will get everybodys attention fixated on their "noble cause" or the "abuse" they have to endure. They want the attention... It pays the bills.

NewMonday1532d ago


instead of talking about Byond2Souls, Gravity Rush, Child of Light they just complain, and nerds eager to impress the girls try to show off how feminist they are.

001532d ago

Let alone the fact that there are many real female developers that contribute to gaming just fine.

aerisbueller1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

yes, and they pick and choose, like their ringleader Anita Sarkeeezzaiezeeiisiaen (sp?), complaining about last year's E3, and how all the protagonists in the major games were male, yet didn't have a word to say about the completely unsexualized female fighters in Titanfall or 1886 on equal footing with the men.

Yes there are tropes out there that are overused, but the (m)enemy are always fanboy worshipping characters like pre-stripper suit Samus, and Ellie, and Glados. So they should stop trying to make it out to be some male vs female bullsh!z, and just have a little bit of intellectual honesty for a know, like people who actually believe what they say?

annoyedgamer1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Mature female lead in Tomb Raider? Meh. HOW DARE SHE GET CAPTURED!!1!

No female characters in AC: Unity? SEXIST!!1!1

SilentNegotiator1532d ago

They're stuck in a paradox anyway; they want everyone to believe that 11 out of every 10 women are rape victims whilst also complaining that women are misrepresented as victims.

Spotie1532d ago

It reminds me of how colleges are now so eager to be seen as doing something about the issue of rape on campus that many are being sued for essentially railroading suspects. It's gone so far that, despite evidence to the contrary, some of the guys have had to drop out due to their reputations being shattered on campus.

It's fine to want to prevent bad things from happening. But in some areas, that zeal is going too far. It'll most certainly backfire, which usually creates something of the opposite effect.

Not saying it'll increase the misogyny, but it will make accepting even the notion of it that much harder when the proponents spend most of their time bitching about bad examples and accusing the innocent.

aerisbueller1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It'd even more meta than that. They personify the damsel in distress in need of rescue by turning this into a boohoo, save us, type issue.

The solution is for frustrated female gamers to become devs, and if it's too hard to break into the industry, then go with crowd funding. There isn't an excuse anymore. And if you don't want to go through the trouble of learning how to make a game, let the people who have worked hard to get into a game design position make the games and characters they feel like making and vote with your wallet or purse (either of which is a perfectly valid choice). If you want equality then relegate your whining about sh!tty uncreative character design to the comments sections like men do

EdoubleD1532d ago

Feminism: looking for problems where there is none.

mrbojingles1532d ago

So there's no problems or inequalities for women? In the games industry or as characters in video games?

What about blacks, gays, latinos, etc?

Why am I even asking you? If you type a comment saying feminism makes up all of its "problems" then I don't know why I'd expect a rational dialogue. But I'll leave this here anyway. Why not?

kingdip901532d ago

There are problems and inequalities for all demographics. This is also true of white males.

Yes historically social injustice has been from white males towards the other demographics and there has been great strides to combat that and it has been more successful for some groups than others. I hate prejudice in society and I hate people not being treated as equals.

Perhaps my personal feelings on this issue stem from the fact that I myself am a mixed race male who at the hands of females have suffered assaults similar to the assaults "feminist" groups tend to villainize men for. I believe everyone is equal and I would never go out of my way to minimalise any demographic.

Because I am personally very accepting of everyone as evenly as possible I expect that people who are striving for societal equality would like me consider the feelings of everyone.

While looking for misogyny in gaming I feel people looking for equality should consider any negatives toward all demographics in media and I feel that anybody who looks purely at their own group is missing the point of equality all together.

I'm sorry if you disagree, but anyone that labels all men as pigs who want nothing more than to objectify women and kill stuff is offensive. Anyone who labels all "social justice warriors" in a negative light is offensive and anyone who labels "gamers" as white me virgins is offensive. All those examples have missed the point of feminism and equality all together.

ShaunCameron1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

What would a feminist know about "rational dialogue?" Most of what feminism stands for is motivated by envy.

scark921531d ago

I think its just a few radicals that are making Feminism look bad, the real Feminists are really overlooked, the feminists such as Anita and Co I would say they do what they do for dare I say revenue or superiority over men.

I love how these 'feminists' always pull the misogyny card when they are the true gender hating group, they hate men but thats just fine because they are women.

morganfell1532d ago

As I posted earlier, here they are on the attack at comics and their related arguments blow up in their face as Maddox blows a hole in their lack of reasoning. His smackdown applies readily to gaming.

NewMonday1532d ago


love this guy, instant favorite.

morganfell1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Some of his stuff is hilarious. I have been following him for over a decade, every since the infamous I am better than your kids piece. Note you need to click on the second part at the bottom. I was crying I was laughing so hard the first time I read this:


scark921531d ago

Yeah Maddox killed it xD

HighResHero1531d ago

Mega-pwned. It's nice to see more people calling out these mentally ill, hypocritical, manipulative psychos.
They call for freedom of speech, yet try to pick and choose what is appropriate. They throw words like bigot around like it's going out of style but have no tolerance for differing viewpoints. The definition of bigoted.

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