John Cena talks WWE 2K15 graphics and rivalries

WWE superstar John Cena discusses the next-gen graphics of WWE 2K15 and the game's rivalry mode, as well as his own history with video games.

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CobraKai1536d ago

I didn't think it was possible, but I think he actually got worse after that beat down Lesnar gave him.

Remy_Chaos1536d ago

That beating Lesnar gave him was a dream come true, I can't stand Cena. It was pay back for how he buried poor Bray, geez so much potential pretty much gone.

CobraKai1536d ago

I agree. Lesnar dominating is how that match had to be done, especially after breaking the streak. Cent is worse with his newfound intensity. I ain't buying it. He needs to hang up his high tops.

NxeonPwn1536d ago

I'm not fully down until we get an official Gameplay video.

galgor1536d ago

Unfortunately I believe the game will be pretty much the same as 14. They're spouting the graphics far too much. Oh so they've thrown in more animations and commentary, big deal. Its on a next gen system so that is standard. It's a shame someone else doesn't have a crack at the wrestling genre because Yukes need some competition to show them how lackluster they are.

DARK_SOLDIER1011535d ago

is this game coming to PC ?