GameInformer Scans: Tomb Raider Underworld

It's becoming clearer as the months pass just how big a step forward is planned for Lara Croft. Underworld has been blowing us away for months with teasing images, but this time we got an up close look at the game in action. This glimpse only reinforces the point - Lara is headed into some exciting new waters.

The level we saw begins as Lara stands in her wetsuit aboard a well-appointed yacht. Diving off, she enters into the profound blue of the Mediterranean Sea and swims downward in her scuba gear. As some dangerous sharks approach, Lara has her trusty spear gun for protection. This time around, and throughout the game, she can use non-lethal tranquilizers - not everybody was enthusiastic about the need to kill off endangered animals in earlier games.

More on link, including scans.

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butterfinger3832d ago

Tomb Raider Underworld better be pretty freaking impressive. They have taken a ton of time with this game and Uncharted presented a much better action-adventure title than past Tomb Raiders. We will have to see if Lara Croft has any new tricks up her sleeve this time:)

MaximusPaynicus3832d ago

The game looks absolutely fantastic. I can hardly wait.

On a side-note, I've discovered that I've been banned from GT until tomorrow morning because somebody reported my comment about people reporting things they disagree with. Go figure.

e-ray3832d ago

Spherical harmonics = Lara's tits.

tudors3832d ago

I would not broadcast getting turned on by a game charactor ;)

e-ray3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

definitely didn't say they turned me on, wiseguy, just cracking a joke.

also i know you were too. :)

CLOUDJU3832d ago

Wow, graphics are coming along nicely. Hope this game does well.