Naruto Storm Revolution: Jinchuriki DLC Announced

On September 18th, players will be able to download special DLC fo.

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Yi-Long1560d ago

Again the DLC-milking. What a shame. The game looked promising.

rezzah1559d ago

Just wait for the full burst version.

Maybe itll be released on current gen consoles.

Yi-Long1559d ago

Yeah, that's what I always do.

However, I intended to buy the Full Burst edition of Naruto UNS3, but once that came out, I already lost interest in the game, so never did pick it up in the end.

Generations was the last Naruto game I bought.

I'm really hoping that a PS4/XBO release of this Naruto Revolution will come out, including all DLC, but perhaps by then I once again might have lost interest.

OtakuDome1559d ago

Next game will likely move on to current-gen, not sure about a re-release being announced for Revolution. It's likely the series is getting a new subname as well once it moves to PS4/Xbox One.

Yi-Long1559d ago

I really hope that for their next Naruto game they'll move back to an open world single-player experience again, and hopefully a HUGE one at that, with lots of different gameplay-elements and (side) quests and characters.

MuhammadJA1559d ago

I bet the new DBZ will have the super sayan characters as DLC as well.

feraldrgn1559d ago

I want another sandbox Naruto with "RPG" elements.
A bit disappointed that after the 1st Ultimate Ninja Storm, they changed to lots of smaller maps (screens).

Fighting & animation's gotten much better though.