Hideo Kojima Gives More Details About Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at Tokyo Game Show

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show with a stage presentation and a new video, and today Hideo Kojima himself spoke up on Twitter to provide more details on what’s going to go down.

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DarXyde1531d ago


Already knew he was going to put on a show, but didn't know about the celebrity guests.

I wonder if Hayter will be in attendance.

hkgamer1531d ago

probably called him by mistake. lol

but anyway, seeing as this is tgs and its made for the japanese fans. guests speaking japanese would make more sense and atcually having the japanese voice actors instead of the western voice actors who the japanese would probably not care about is probably a sensible move.

Anghellic1531d ago

The celebrity guest is probably gonna be Kiefer Sutherland

hkgamer1531d ago

unless mgs v is gonna be dual language for the japanese release then i really dont see the point getting him along.

also having a translator on stage when all they gonna be doing is a lot of talking is just a pain in the ass.

NBT911531d ago

Release date please!
At this point I don't really want any more new footage, I want to leave everything else to be experienced in game.
Don't get me wrong, it could very well be the best game that will ever come out on next gen consoles I wouldn't bet against that but I'm just sick of seeing it, I just want the game to come out now.

kratoz12091530d ago

So excited for TGS
YS Persona 5 and DQ Heroes

Gatsu1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Can't wait for the show to start, SO MUCH HYPE that I'm dying here O_o ! Hope we get the release date :D.
Celebrity guests hmm...could be the seiyuu's/voice actors of MGSV.

TGS is going to be pretty NUCLEAR!

Watching from the edge of the TGS
For the games to begin
Fans draw their controllers
form their ranks for The Phantom Pain ...