Xbox/Activision Leak Is Merely 'Rumor and Speculation,' Marketing Firm Says

MTV Multiplayer reports:

"One of the biggest information leaks I can recall swept through the gaming scene yesterday, as both believable and unbelievable plans for upcoming Microsoft and Activision projects spilled forth.

How did this happen? Is it real? What should gamers make of all of it?

Today, a spokesperson representing the apparent source of all this information tells MTV Multiplayer that there's nothing to talk about."

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butterfinger3830d ago

I'm inclined to believe the rumors from yesterday, but I guess as usual we will have to wait and see. I was prepping to buy an elite by the end of the summer, but if the next XBOX is backwards compatible with all 360 games, I might just hold out. Very interesting rumors from yesterday, though. I hope they are all true:)