Video Game Releases September 7 – September 13: No Escaping Destiny, NHL 15 & More

No more time for hype, it's 'Destiny' launch week.

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TheKingWilliamV1560d ago

Since I've been gaming thier have been few games to deliver on the "HYPE" that Destiny is currently at. The last was Skyrim, does lightening strike twice? we'll see September 9th, 2014

TRD4L1fe1559d ago

funny too cause Skyrim was the last game that i was this excited for. so looking forward to that midnight release.

iNFAMOUZ11559d ago

hope its a long game, kinda afraid it wont last too long..

WeAreLegion1559d ago

I think people are expecting it to have as much to do as an MMO. I seriously doubt it will. I am keeping expectations tempered for the game's length. Still very excited though.

OrangePowerz1559d ago

I expect it be a tighter packaged game compared to MMOS or Borderlands. These games are huge, but they also have a lot of filler and empty space. Judging by the Beta, Destiny strips that stuff out and makes a more focused game.

Gatsu1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I'd like to buy Destiny, but not sure if I enjoy it. Didn't have the chance to play beta. Love scifi games etc but not a huge fan of FPS, Borderlands is awesome though. Gonna wait for some reviews I guess.

Meltic1559d ago

You are missing quite a few funny moments in destiny. Destiny is a great game. We did only play on earth and there is many other planets to go. And more enemies and bosses, cant wait to play with my titan. Everyone else is choosing warlock so i go with the titan or the hunter.

Gatsu1559d ago

Yes I might miss a lot ;), but I'll maybe end up buying it eventually lol ^-^.

Roccetarius1559d ago

Not long now, until people notice that Destiny is another Watch Dogs. The hype is strong, but the crash is also more damaging.

RebelWAC1559d ago

The fact that you couldn't fly your ship throughout the milky way was huge let down for me. The games comes off as huge but feels so limited but I'm such a tool at the end of the day and will end up getting it anyways...

Akira20201559d ago

I don't know dude, I've played the Alpha and the Beta. The multiplayer was crap and very unbalanced, but the single player and Co-op were FN amazing! So, considering 2/3's of the game was great makes it a buy for me.

If you've seen the commercial with the 3 players running around and helping each's very similar to that.

Based on my experience with the game, I have all the faith that this game will not be another Titanfail or Watchdogs.

What's that can fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice......