Guardians Are You Ready To Forge Your Destiny

Guardians of Earth are you ready to make history as we are just days away from the most anticipated shooter of the century.

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ginalee5541268d ago

Yes I am more ready than I have ever been for any game i have played so far since the launch of next gen platforms.

GiggMan1268d ago

I feel and second you enthusiasm.

3-4-51268d ago

Hopefully the physical install doesn't take that long. Can't wait to play this.

ScottyHoss1267d ago

I'm dying to play this game man, but I got classes at 6 the morning of launch D: luckily preloading means it'll be ready when I get home :D

Flipgeneral1267d ago

Two of my friends are upgrading their consoles and we are all getting Destiny.

It should be a great game with friends!

edwardhuff6631268d ago

Hype level is already on max. Oh baby can't wait.

brettjones4941268d ago

This game is getting so much hype, just hope it lives up to the promise.

danniellelewis1268d ago

Played Destiny Beta, got hyped off that. Looking forward to see what my guardian can do beyond level 8 cap.

JohnWayne_1268d ago

Same here, before the beta I didn't plan on buying it, but I had a so much fun in the beta its got me pumped for Tuesday.

Letthewookiewin1268d ago

Ya I really didn't care much about it till I played the beta, then bam! Need that shit!

henrythomas2841268d ago

I usually hate when games get this much hype, but to be honest i played the Beta, and was blown away by it. So yes i think its going to live up to the hype my friend.

patelsanjeed1268d ago

Watch_Dogs got this much hype, but Ubi never released a beta. I think Bungie made a brave move doing this, especially since the game is socially connected and in my opinion the gamble has worked.

lisamorgan41268d ago

I am ready. Pre-loaded it on PS4 this morning. Tuesday here we come.

PsylentKiller1268d ago

Mine started downloading automatically last night. When it was done I clicked on the icon and under the time there was a box to check to have it auto download on the 5th. If the pre load downloaded two days before schedule maybe the rumors are true and we can start playing Destiny Monday morning.

My GT is the same on here as it is on PSN if anyone needs someone on there strike team.

danniellelewis1267d ago

You know i won't be surprised if this happens, maybe thats why a few people end up streaming games on Ustream earlier than others.

ArronNelson1268d ago

Yes i am ready. Hunter class all the way.

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The story is too old to be commented.