Quantic Dream’s Unannounced PS4 Exclusive Will Probably Use Scaleform

We know that Quantic Dream is working on one or more unannounced PS4 exclusives, and today you learn a little more on how those games will be created.

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OUROSMAG1198d ago

Is that like shrinky dinks?


You know 99% of games use scaleforms and speedtree, is there a reall necessity to make a news and fuss about it? It is like saying such game has been made using 3dsmax or maya. Seriously!

Paprika1198d ago

I literally can't wait to see what these guys can achieve on ps4. Will be borderline CGI IMO.

S2Killinit1198d ago

the possibilities are vast

All_Consoles1198d ago

I hopes it's more along the lines of a game rather than a movie

WeAreLegion1198d ago

I want it to be like Heavy Rain, as far as mechanics are concerned.

Enemy1198d ago

Actually it doesn't get more interactive than Quantic Dream games. You could interact with anything you see on screen.

Spotie1197d ago

I hope they ignore the opinions of stealth trolls on N4G and keep doing their thing.

All_Consoles1197d ago

I play games and not movies, sorry if my opinion hurts you

Dontworrybhappy1197d ago

Also no one even knows what n4g is besides those that reside.

amiga-man1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It's called variety All-consoles, not everyone will enjoy a shooter not everyone will enjoy racing etc, my daughters favourite game was Heavy Rain she has played it through numerous times as have I.

Enjoy the games you like and leave others to enjoy the games they want, at least with Sony you know they are always ready to try different things, not every game has to be a shooter.

DigitalRaptor1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It depends what you think constitutes gameplay.

It's an adventure game. You are still interacting with the game, you just get a different response than you would from an action game. Might as well call all point-and-click or graphic adventure games, movies, if you're gonna try and say that Quantic Dream games are more movie than game.

specialguest1197d ago


I completely agree. Let's hope for some of us that it's not another interactive movie. I have my doubts that Quantic Dreams will go the more convention route though, because that's just not their style.

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Rimgal1198d ago

God dammit. Make the game "Kara" already.

mt1198d ago

I was trying not to shed tears, goddamit.

I'll buy me 7 of that Kara.

Paprika1198d ago

For what reason would you need 7? I sense some heavy usage... let alone rain!!

ColeMacGrath1198d ago

That was only a tech demo to show off their next game which was Beyond Two Souls. I must say it was indeed impressive, and I certainly wish they turn it into a full game somehow.

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The story is too old to be commented.