Dragon Quest Producers Talk Nintendo, Mobile, What's Next for Series

Hardcore Gamer sat down with two figure heads of the franchise, executive producer Yu Miyake and mobile producer Noroyoshi Fujimoto, to talk about the past, present, and future of Dragon Quest.

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ValKilmer1441d ago

Very interesting read. I'm surprised they opened up so much, what with Square's seemingly indifference towards us North American fans.

3-4-51441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

What I would like to see:

* Dragon Quest 11 - 3DS

* Dragon Quest 12 - Wii U / PS4 / XB1

* Dragon Quest 8 HD Remake - Wii U/XB1/PS4

* Dragon Quest 3 Remake - 3DS

ValKilmer1441d ago

Why do you think it is they aren't releasing the remakes?

It couldn't cost that much to localize them.

FarEastOrient1440d ago

The quality of DQ has dropped in the last 10 years. This series used to go neck to neck with FF and for the past 10 years the series has sold fewer units in comparison to the 90s.

thorstein1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

From the article:
"G: Dragon Quest began as a console based series, and has since gone on to appear handhelds and now the mobile platforms. Where do you personally feel the series is most at home?

Miyake: So the concept of where or what platform Dragon Quest lies is actually based more on the fact that we’d like Dragon Quest to be played by as many people as possible, so we’d put it on the most popular platform of its time. Nowadays people are sort of scattering to different devices, and we want to branch out to those platforms as well. So it’s not a concept of what singular console or platform the series is most at home on, but that we want to go to the people.

HG: The Dragon Quest series has had such a wonderful relationship with Nintendo in the past, but in the current climate do you think you’ll have to look elsewhere to bring the next game?

Miyake: The potential is definitely there to look into other platforms, like for example Dragon Quest VIII was on the PlayStation 2 originally. There’s always opportunities, so we’d like to keep an open mind. "

I think they'd be foolish not to go multiplat as Miyake hints at here.

NewMonday1440d ago


only the online DQ10, the traditional DQ8&9 sold as great as usual.

kalkano1440d ago

It's already been said that DQ11 will be for the home console (and I wouldn't have it any other way).

3-4-51440d ago

@far - I'd argue that FF has dropped off in Quality far more than Dragon Quest has.

DQ 9 is an awesome game, full of content and customization.

All they need to do is mix DQ 9 + DQ 8 + DQ 10 Art Style = DQ 11 is awesome.

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kalkano1441d ago

"But as you may have seen in Dragon Quest VIII, IX, and X, every time it’s something exciting, something that kind of surprises and takes people aback for a little bit. So I’m very confident our next step will be something just as exciting if not more, while bringing in new players and old players alike."

Translation: Don't be shocked if it's an action-RPG.

franwex1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Heh, dude you are super paranoid of games turning action RPGs!

NewMonday1440d ago


that is what DQH for the PS4 is, they introduced it as action-RPG

kalkano1440d ago

I know. I'm expecting the same from DQ11. I'd have no interest in it; I'm just bracing myself for it. After watching the industry for the last 15 years, I'd be shocked if it WASN'T an action-RPG, despite it being a turn-based series.

RPGrinder1440d ago

The current climate says go with Nintendo