GameTrailers: Battlefield: Bad Company PS3/360 Comparison

Can you see a difference?

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Vip3r3831d ago

I can't see any difference at all.

Jamie Foxx3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

im confused though which needs addressing,i have a question- have developers nearly reached the limit with 360 like they have been saying because ps3 games should not be on par with 360 at such an early stage on the ps3 (especially as its a difficult system to program for)as developers should know every trick possible on the 360 with regards to getting maximum performance.

you never saw any ps2 game look on par or better that the xbox and developers knew ps2 inside out

noone really realises this fact and its confusing

icdedppl3831d ago

wow, very close. there is some slight screen tearing on the x360 at the part where they are all in the back of the truck. both look almost identical regarding the actual graphics and effects.

good job DICE! looking forward to MIRROR'S EDGE from you next!

The Lazy One3831d ago

"i have a question- have developers nearly reached the limit with 360 like they have been saying because ps3 games should not be on par with 360 at such an early stage on the ps3 (especially as its a difficult system to program for)as developers should know every trick possible on the 360 with regards to getting maximum performance."

They PS3 isn't like the second coming of jesus. When it comes to multi-plat games, there's no reason for a developer to put extra time into the PS3/360 version when it already looks and performs as good as the other. The technology will be pushed more on exclusives, which look incredible on both systems.

Just because it's hard to program for doesn't make it better either.

Xi3831d ago

let me clear up some confusion for you.

The "generation" gap between consoles doesn't exist.

originally the PS3 was supposed to be launched along side the Xbox 360. And as a requirement, sony shipped out many of it's original dev kits already. This means that games have been in production for as long as 360 games. Meaning they've had the same amount to learn everything on both systems.

Second problem is neither system is as strong as we think, and neither is stronger then one another (flame me later guys, this is the truth). You won't see one console regularly out preforming the other this gen, both will be suited to different tasks most games will look equally as good on both systems.

King_many_layers3831d ago

please take into account first the only system I own is a PS3, (mainly because I don't have the moeny for both and hardware reliability.)

as much as there was probably screen tearing on the 360 version ( I haven't seen the video ) I know that there is Screen tearing on The playstation 3 version. Atleast in the Demo.

just want to make sure that everyone knows this game is pretty much, one in the same.

Jamie Foxx3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

that doesnt make sense eitHer because nearly every developer has stated the recieved their ps3 dev kits way after the 360s some by a year or more,so can you post proof of your claims because i can of mine especially from epic, EA and capcom.its just a question which as a gamer has confused me,im like what is the truth wiith these consoles power instead of all this PR bullcrap

plenty a tool3831d ago

good post. the delay was for blu-ray! the specs of the ps3 were finalised around the same time as the 360s. and the first and second party devs have had their kits since sometime 05. killzone, gran tourismo and mgs have been indevelopment since 05. as you correctly stated, there is no generation gap.

jamie foxx: no console has been maxed in two years ever!! the longer the devs have with the hardware, the more they will squeeze out of it. killzone and gran tourismo look so damn good because they are running on superior game engines! not superior hardware! plus they've had losts of money and man-hours lavished on them. and when they are released, will be the culmination of nearly four years woork each!

just look at far-cry2. the game engine isn't that far off of killzones, yet runs super on both consoles. the killzone engine could well be the best engine for this gen of consoles! and you can guarantee that although killzone3 will look better, it wont be a leap above no2. now whether microsoft craft an engine for the 360 as good as any of those three is another question?!

the truth is, both consoles are equally good.

King_many_layers3831d ago

you deserve plenty of bubbles for that post. Very nicely put, and you wrote in english. I'm impressed.

Seriously, this place can be very hard to read occasionaly.

Hydrolex3831d ago

Xbox 360 has more jaggies and PS3 is a lil bit blurrier.

barom3831d ago

They look exactly the same. Except for the last few scenes, where it's night time. X360's colors looks a bit washed out. Though they only look washed out on those scenes. Otherwise I think it looks identical.

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jkhan3831d ago

In my all honest opinion, both versions looked exactly the same. Except at some spot PS3 version looked a touch, just a touch brighter, but that has more to do with the TV settings i guess. Good thing both versions are same.

cellypower3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

There the same. I played the demo on the PS3 and XBox.I think it all comes down to the controls.I feel more comfortable with the ps3 controller personally.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

After reading some of your past comments, and taking a look at your name. I find your comment to be questionable, your past comments give you away.

How can you play demos, when it shows your gamertag as having the arcade version? or does that gamertag belong to someone else?

Any real gamer know the 360 controller is a FPS controller.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3831d ago

I don't hide anything, and never have, not ashamed of it ether.

Syronicus3831d ago

You find his comment about liking the PS3 controller better questionable because of his user name? Wow, and this coming from a guy with the number 360 in his user name... What, a fanboy calling another fanboy to the carpet here? lol

I like the PS3 controller better than the 360 as well, but do you find my comment more questionable? I have no PS3 related terms in my user name...

boodybandit3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

hypocrisy at it's best.

back on topic.
There is no visible difference between the 2 versions. I have played both demos at length. I am still undecided which to get. The past several games I picked up for both but that is startin to get hard on my wallet. I will probaly wait and see which version my friends pick up.

3831d ago
g3nkie3831d ago

"Any real gamer know the 360 controller is a FPS controller. "

So apparently ~3.27 million people that bought the PS3 version of COD4 aren't gamers?

boodybandit3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Actually any real "FPS" gamer knows the mouse and keyboard is best for FPS games but a "real" gamer can adapt with a standard controller.

I am just as accurate with a Sony Dualshock 3 in Battlefield and COD4 as I am with a 360 controller. You don't strike me as someone that doesn't own a PS3 so why would you give an opinion on which controller is better?

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Antan3831d ago

Good to see both appear so close to each other on a game i think has quite a lot of potential to be a belter! If the full game is as intense and as fun as the demo then i think we are all in for a post MGS/NG2 treat.

iHEARTboobs3831d ago

I liked this game more than i thought i would. Well, the online at least.