FIFA 15 Ratings: #20-11

FIFA 15 launches on September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe, and September 26 in the UK. Leading to its release, we will be revealing a number of lists pertaining to the best players in the game. From the 50 best players to top future prospects, every FIFA fan will want to know who to lookout for.

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elazz1500d ago

Van Persie a bit too high with 88, should be more around 85. Thiago Silva isn't better than Kompany. Faclao 88? Maybe in 2012-2013 but because of his injury we still need to see how he'll return. Probably very good but slightly lower would be more accurate.

vastolorde6661500d ago

Messi,Ronaldo,robben,ribery,in iesta,neuer,schweinsteiger,bena tia,ibrahimovic,hazard....well I'm gambling benatia since he had 85 in fifa 14...apart from him the rest i can pretty much guarantee are the remaining 9...i wish fifa could return when messi was a 90,ronaldo 89 and 88 were so rare....if they give messi and ronaldo max of 90 I'd be glad..i hated the 94 92 ratings it seemed so fake...apart from Rodriguez 86 I'm okay with the rating....fabregas 84 now that is one accurate rating in a while...the rest meeh okay......Anyway fifa is not day o e for me this time around...i need more than cosmetic changes and a facelift...I'll wait and if pes have gotten their heads together I'll be willing to give them my support and money...i just want a decent game...