Fanatec's ClubSport Wheel Base V2 will allow next-gen console wheel compatibility

VVV: "Then there's the hurdle of next-gen console compatibility. Existing owners of Fanatec's peripheral range have been crying out for Fanatec to release some racing hardware for PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, rules and regulations have made this problematic, but the Clubsport Wheel Base V2 will finally add next-gen console compatibility, with additional console-specific wheel rims to be released in the future.

However, so far Fanatec has only secured a license with one of the console manufacturers: "We want to achieve compatibility to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and we are happy to announce that we already signed a contract with one of them. We will announce this product at the end of this year. There will be multiple steering wheels available in different price ranges and they will compatible to several Fanatec base units from mid-range to direct drive." Given their previous allegiance with Microsoft and the Xbox 360 Fanatec CSR wheels, it seems likely that it will initially be compatible for Xbox One."

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Remy_S1561d ago

I hope its compatible with the PS4. The original Clubsport wheel was PC/PS3 compatible so I hope this follows suit and works Sony's latest console.

OrangePowerz1561d ago

Really a new one? I have difficulties to believe that it's not possible to do a firmware update of the existing wheel base to make it work on PS4.

Sgt_Slaughter1561d ago

This is my issue so far with the next-gen consoles. The PS3 and 360 had the best wheel compatibility outside of PC, and it seems like it will be another 1-2 years before they patch it in, which they more than likely can do.

Lots of Logitech wheels (MOMO, DFGT, G25 and G27) are used by a majority of racers on PC and consoles, so not letting people use them is wrong.

Foehammer1561d ago

Great news for owners of Fanatec wheels.

They are a premium wheel with a premium price, it would be ashamed to have to sell ones wheel for next gen.

OrangePowerz1561d ago

They are great indeed. Not sure if I want to shell out again 500 bucks. Some trade in offer would be nice with 50% off.

gamegenieny1561d ago

I think they have the deal with the PS4. Its microsoft thats crazy with peripherals on their systems. PS4 seems to be similar to PS3 with straight usb connectivity. Hope they work it out, cause it'll mean i buy this to replace my CSR Elite so long as it doesnt cost too much for the actual wheel compatibility "options".
Seems like they are saying the wheel itself is going to be the part that allows the unit to work on the specific consoles. Interesting idea, and it gives people the choice to pick and choose what they want it to work on.

Rainbowcookie1561d ago

I'm bit reluctant to drop that much cash only for it to be incompatible in the future .