FIFA 15’s Goalkeeping Mechanics Revealed in New Trailer

EA Sports has revealed a brand-new trailer for this year’s highly anticipated football instalment, FIFA 15, with an emphasis placed on the changes made to goalkeepers.

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Serrafina1500d ago

Wow, sports games are really improving.

Hendrickson1500d ago

Can't beat motion capture!

ProjectVulcan1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Long as they improve on FIFA 14.

As the difficulties ramped up they had to find a way to make it harder for the player and in that the opponent GK even if he is like a 70 becomes impossibly good. Super fast, perfect positioning, lightning reactions etc

Whereas the player GK even a quality one like say 86 rated Buffon, is a mess, makes mistakes, can't save easy shots that would be bread and butter down the other end etc

Also as it's Tim Howard, do they have a 'handling the ball out of the area and getting away with it' special like he managed last weekend against Chelsea?

iistuii1499d ago

In the beta the goalkeepers were either amazing or pathetic. The lead guy on the forum assured us they have addressed these issues. Let's hope so..