Truly 4ThePlayers: PlayStation Belgium & Poland Also Showcase Sportsmanship Towards Xbox One Launch

"Just a few hours ago we reported on how PlayStation Netherlands greeted Microsoft for the launch of Xbox One in the country. Now, PlayStation Belgium and Poland have followed the act."

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Artista 1560d ago

Sportsmanship huh? :)


jahcure1560d ago

sony actually one ups MS on this...MS comes across as petty and desperate in their marketing, and sony just is least that's the persona they are projecting...

quite interesting. I wonder how MS marketing is going to view this?

4Sh0w1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Oh please, jahcure just stop it, you very foolish, typical immature console warriors looking for the next fight. Lol, micro and sony congratulate each other from time to time, respecting your competitor is how things work in real life. These are professionals so at the end of the day you still go after each other when its time for business decisions. There is nothing bad about micro or sonys current advertising strategies= neither company are saints nor the devil...only fanboys believe otherwise.

gootimes1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Actually I think Microsoft has seemed like good sports and friendly (at least as friendly as competitors can be)

I think both take jabs sometimes and both make warm, friendly comments at times too. I don't really see one company being friendlier or worse towards the other.

Maybe Microsoft has more aggressive tactics in actual business, like with 3rd party exclusive titles, but it is a business after all.

lelo2play1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )


You are one sad person. Only fanboys like you are always fighting... and see conspiracies everywhere. Just let it go. You will live a happier life.

ScottyHoss1559d ago

Because there are real conspiracies you should be worried about ;) /s

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Fizzler1560d ago

When a corporation congratulates or shows sportsmanship towards another corporation, it's all for their own reputation in the public eye, every company wants to have the best public relations that they can and the best way to do that is to show decency towards their competition, it also makes them look confident in their own products, anyone who believes this practice is genuine has a lot to learn about how business works.

Artista 1560d ago

Notice, I didn't say too much.

you actually understand what's going on.

I'll leave the rest to their imagination.

Volkama1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

It's not even so much about reputation so much as just raw attention. "Look at Sony!"

Not far removed from Microsoft's destinyfragrence.

Artista 1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )


It is actually no different at all.

The only difference is, Sony will be praised for doing it ^_^.

cheerleading and fangirls aside.
It's just business.

IndoAssassin1560d ago


Spencer was praised for his acknowledgement of Sony and Nintendo during their press conference. So I don't know what you are getting at?

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OUROSMAG1560d ago

I honestly wonder if it's a genuine "welcome" or if it is more of a... "neeneer neeneer we were here first"

ger23961560d ago

No need to find any negativity in this, just take it for what it is.

OB1Biker1560d ago

Oh well its all the same stuff when M$ congratulated Sony for PS4 launch, or when Spencer says 'nice stuff'... its all somehow genuine from both companies but also showing off at the same time as 'we are the best' thing

Gore-Content1560d ago

Take that as an example, MS!

DJustinUNCHAIND1560d ago

Xbox has shown nothing but class towards Sony. This is the first time this gen Sony has shown any sort of decency.

PeaSFor1560d ago

its not like MS have a choice anyway.

Aceman181560d ago

Wow that sounded kinda angry dude it's not serious lol. Anyway it was still cool of Sony and they didn't pull a boat stunt like MS did back during PS3 launch.

Gamer19821560d ago

MS shown class?? The same MS who brag soon as they get above Sony for 1 week about anything?? The same MS who recently came out with the aftershave ad to get around the non advertisement rule for destiny?? Yeah sure.. MS has class..

n4rc1560d ago

Except ms has congratulated Sony multiple times..

And yes.. Let's make ms out to be the devil for a tongue in cheek joke.. But let's pretend blocking a company from advertising AT ALL is somehow so much better..

Its not against Sony.. I love what they are doing.. Its some of their fans making stupid claims and remarks

k3rn3ll1560d ago

Ok so sony did it one other time where as MS has done it close to a dozen. Sony could've done it other times. Instead they ignored any of MS decency and pointed out every chance they got that MS was weaker and less popular. But when MS puts a JOKE ad on the Internet for a couple hours, everyone blows up for 36 hrs. About how they were out of line and desperate. If it was desperation they would've put it on tv and not in a damn twitter photo. Even some sites stating they should invest the money in first party IP and not desperation ads.

Yea a photoshop picture on twitter and a website link cost alot of money. No it didn't cost but whatever they paid their ad dept. Already in salary

gootimes1560d ago

I actually don't mind aggressive business tactics, I like to see both companies being aggressive.

It's how they treat the fans that people should be sensitive about.

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mt1560d ago

[Take that as an example, Fanboys!]

that is how it you should say it.

Dontworrybhappy1560d ago

You all are retarded. I can't believe people actually think these company statements are out of good will.

n4rc1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

While I agree... I wish I didn't

Both make a mint off of us.. Unless you are playing a physical head2head game, there is no need for animosity to be competitive.

Even guys in the ufc will pound the crap out of each other, but stop for a second mid round to high five each other..

I'd like to think these guys are sincere.. Phil has said he has a ps4.. Lol.. Its not like they hate each other..

Maybe they are subtly trying to get people off this hate bandwagon without alienating any fans

DLConspiracy1560d ago

Come come now. All the conferences this year Phil has spoken of PS on stage as a good thing and said its a good time to be a gamer. Numerous times. While on the other stage they have brought up jabs at the competition. Honestly I don't think this was a universal MS faux ad anyway. It seems like it came from the UK branch by itself. As its been reported as such. This could be a reason why the cologne ad was taken down.

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