Gamebryo To Use PS4 & Xbox One's Distinct Features, Puts Frequently Accessed GPU Resources on eSRAM

Developers from Gamebase explain how they plan to use the respective embedded and unified architecture of the two consoles.

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lfc_4eva1532d ago

Well this once again says to me some developers are making the effort to understand how to use esram in a positive way. However other developers are firmly in the camp of "we don't like change do we Dierdre?".

Quite clearly if some developers know that esram has some major speed benefits, then all developers should be understanding this.

Reddzfoxx1532d ago

Xbox has more then a handful of 1080p games. It used to be a question if the hardware could do it but now its not even up for debate.

But its the limit of the hardware and the PS4 too so both sides fanboi's can argue over who's 1080p is better.

Personally I didn't get a next gen console for the best graphics in the world. I bought one for the exclusives and anything else that isn't an exclusive I plan to play on PC permitting its not released 1 to 2 years later.

gootimes1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

generally I think the hardware debate was due to multi plat games, not exclusives. I don't think anyone ever questioned if the X1 could do 1080p, obviously it can. PS4 is just a bit stronger on paper, it doesn't really make a huge difference though. Neither are that impressive hardware wise. I am glad that devs are taking advantage of their strengths.

thehitman1532d ago

develoers have been using eSRAM for a looong time 360 has the same architecture its just improved. Developers are not happy that its just not enough compared to what the ps4 has and what they are targeting for this gen. Once again xbox holding gaming back another generation. Last gen it was dvd, this time its graphical memory.

Elit3Nick1531d ago

eDRAM and eSRAM are not the same

thehitman1531d ago

they are built very similar in terms of coding. eSRAM is just more efficient thats all.

OB1Biker1531d ago

I think most dev try their best but the difference should show for exclusive games where the dev can really try to get the most out of the consoles.

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corroios1532d ago

The problem is that small developers dont have money or time to make an effort. Even big develpers so many times dont care...

MonkeyOne1532d ago

I haven't seen any major differences between Xbox One and PS4 graphics. Ryse looks great and so does Killzone Shadow Fall.

Both games suck. It's about gameplay - not graphics.

Back to Minecraft

KYPRIME1532d ago

"Both games suck." congratulations, you have an opinion,
you want to see graphical difference? look at quantum break then look at the order 1886, look at forza horizon 2 then look at driveclub

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Kribwalker1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Forza/driveclub open world no loading/ closed circuits

Definitely there will be graphical differences, but they won't be that crazy

Lulz_Boat1532d ago

lol wut?? it's still 32mb of data.

Kingdomcome2471531d ago

I, was under the impression that by utilizing tiled resources it's been demonstrated, that you can fit up to 6gigs worth of textures into just 32mb of esram.

Lulz_Boat1531d ago

yup, and this require a lot of load from HDD to RAM. which is bad. :D

Kingdomcome2471531d ago

I admittedly don't know too much about these things. Would having a higher quality external hd have any bearing? Isn't the main benefit of dx12 the vast reduction of power consumption, and far more efficient use of the gpu which uses the esram via the move engines? I'm trying to learn about these things, and am genuinely curious. Sorry if this comes across as ignorant.

MRMagoo1231531d ago

No the main benefit of dx12 is to make pcs more console like when programming.

Yetter1531d ago

yep, but you should first understand how esram works. You essentially set up a series a pointers from the HDD or the DDR3 and the data reads/writes at the same time feeding the gpu. If set up correctly the data is constantly moving and that 32mb never entirely fills up. would 64mb be better? Absolutely but if utilized properly 32mb is plenty

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