High 5! Innovations of the game controller

Looking back at the controller you held in your hand 30 years ago compaired to the one's we have now, there are a lot of innovations to be found. These are some of those great innovations.

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hoppermania1557d ago

The Arcade Joystick... sure brings back memories.

JungleJack1557d ago

Wireless controller is the best innovation ever.

RosweeSon1557d ago

Nintendo wavebird then ;)

JungleJack1557d ago

Well, i kinda enjoyed that one back in the day :)

CloudRap1557d ago

I think Triggers/Bumpers are one of the greatest innovations, without them FPS and Racing games would suck on consoles.

generalthadeape1557d ago

Forcefeedback for me.

Been enjoying the "rumble" feature since days of the N64. It started out as a rumble pack that you had to slide into the bottom of your controller and it really did immerse players right into their games.

Microsoft took that feature and added it to the trigger buttons on the Xbox One controller and that really is a great feature.

To me, it's these "small things" that really set the Xbox One apart from the competition, but I would welcome improvements in forcefeedback / rumble feature from anyone.

RosweeSon1557d ago

Lylat wars uber box bundle with the rumble Pak, yes please ;)

Felis_Rufus1557d ago

Agree on the rumble. Fond memory is Metal Gear Solid. The fight against Psycho Mantis.

RosweeSon1557d ago

It's all nintendo then rumble pak's became force feedback, wireless controllers (nintendo wavebird) d-pad, shoulder buttons, triggers, analogue sticks all Nintendo!

generalthadeape1557d ago


I never thought of this before.

Looks like the Big N really does innovate.

Good job Nintendo-- except I don't personally like all of that motion stuff, but maybe that's me.

ShowGun9011557d ago

alot of it is also, which "innovations" are actually good... remember the jaguar controller? or the OG xbox controller being watermelon shaped? what about the 3 handed n64 controller? ...not to mention how Valve has already added a thumbstick to their controller, and it isn't even released yet!

not all innovations are good, which is why the wiimote/nunchuck wasn't the primary input for the WiiU, and if i had to make a prediction, the a tablet wont be the primary input for their next system... sure it has some benefits, but MOST people just like a more traditional controller...

Felis_Rufus1557d ago

I sure do like the traditional input. Gaming is not supposed to be a fitness workout :)

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