Bloodborne: Regain System, PS4 Framerate, And More

Everything about the demo says it's part of the Dark Souls series, including one thing fans may not like.

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Hellsvacancy1531d ago

Nice, the lack of shields will put some gamers off, I used to be a shied user when playing Demon's/Dark Souls, but after spending so much time with the Souls games (especially in PvP) I learnt that you rarely even need to use a shield, as long as your equipment load is low enough you can roll-dodge virtually all enemy attacks

Do we know how the online portion of the game will work yet?

jujubee881530d ago

Are you a nice human?

I think only nice humans play this game. It's quite a game, you know?

NewMonday1530d ago

that's how Knack is played, it's all about dodging attacks and avoiding damage, then going in for the kill, you feel danger from making a wrong move gives a great feeling of achievement because you it's your play that's keeping you alive.

Xof1530d ago

It's not so much the lack of shields that put me off so much as the setting (urban instead of fantasy), tech (not interested in guns, ever) and the fact that combat is geared specifically toward offensive play, at the expense of other styles.

What makes the Souls games so great is that they are open enough for players to use a number of different play styles... that variety is what makes the game so accessible to so many gamers. If Bloodborne really does lack that kind of versatile combat, I can't see it managing to hold my interest for very long.

Tetsdah1530d ago

I wouldn't say urbanized as much as it is Victorian. I love the style and it's nice to get a change from the typical medievil fantasy, or at least in my opinion.

I'm still curious if magic's in the game, which it looks like it was from the view of the leaked trailer. I think they're gonna be a defensive element in the game, but I think they want to steer away from turtling in Souls. I don't think defensive play is getting nullified, I just think they want to make defensive play riskier, and reward people who play offensively.

I guess we'll see when TGS and other events show the game off. That way, I can learn what direction he fully wants to take the game.

Inception1530d ago

"What makes the Souls games so great is that they are open enough for players to use a number of different play styles"

Yes it allow players with different play styles. But even if you the most hardcore Souls player, mostly you will rely on your shield and make a passive / defensive stand when fighting the enemies.

In Bloodborne, you can't rely anymore on your shield and need more active because your enemies are very aggresive and not just stand there like an idiot to kill you.

"If Bloodborne really does lack that kind of versatile combat"

So far i don't see Bloodborne lack that stuff. It still have dodge roll, dash, critical hit, and even special moves (Demon/Dark Souls doesn't have that). Not to mention every weapon can transform and have their own ability.

But looks like you already made up your mind that you will hate Bloodborne. If yes than i suggest you should wait Dark Souls 3 and skip Bloodborne.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1529d ago

IMO so far bloodborne is reminiscent of tower of latria which was demon souls, the first souls yeah...

feraldrgn1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Yep, I won't be able to tank a boss, like most did with the Purple Flame Shield against the Fire Demon (Demon's Souls).
It should hopefully make us players more skilled with reaction times.

I do hope they keep some sort of strategy with the enemy movements, like Demon's & Dark Souls 1, the randomness & hit tracking in DS2 spoiled it a bit.

RedSoakedSponge1530d ago

has it actually been confirmed that there will be no shields at all in the game? i would find it very strange if there wasnt any because in that video i did see a couple of enemies with shields. either way, im going to enjoy this game hugely. i can tell :P

feraldrgn1530d ago

No shield, but the gun can act like a parry, so if you feel confident enough to deflect a blow instead of dash/dodgeroll then you could do that.

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Sm00thNinja1530d ago

I've never played a souls game so gonna have a hard time with this one. Game definitely looks the part,but I hear great things so day 1 for sure

NovusTerminus1530d ago

It's not hard, so long as you take it slow and use your head. It just punishes every mistake you make.

Kivespussi1530d ago

Even saying that it "punishes every mistake" makes the game seem harder than it actually is, almost like there's no room for error. It does punish you if you time your attacks and heals badly but most of the time that's easy to avoid

ShowGun9011530d ago

think of it this way, the harder it is at first the better it is when you finally win! got one of my friends to buy DS2, and he HATED it for the first 6 hours... by the end he was saying "this is the best game ever made!"

kratoz12091530d ago

Have not.played a. Souls game since demon souls

Eonjay1530d ago

The boss at the end is wow.

Miss_Vixen1530d ago

I'm deplorable in both Dark Soul game, but still very much enjoy the difficulty & challenges they provide.

Will definitely try this game out, when it's released.

ShowGun9011530d ago

agreed, i don't see how this isn't a system seller for some people... almost got it paid off, cant wait!

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