Forget The Fanboy Wars: PlayStation Welcomes Xbox One Launch In Netherlands With A Fascinating Tweet

There is no doubt that the eight generation of console gaming has been marked by a lot of controversy and some serious exchange of emotions between the PlayStation and Xbox fan base.

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Am-No-Hero1533d ago

Thats great man , nice one Sony

Gaming1011533d ago

It's very great on Sony, especially considering the underhanded marketing tactics Microsoft has been employing with its Destiny Cologne or whatever it was... with a link that leads to you buying the X-bone with Destiny bundle.

Although really, this has been going on since the days of Nintendo and Sega, nothing has changed, except now the flame wars are fanned on the internet instead of at the school playground.

aconnellan1533d ago

I wouldn't really call it underhanded... It was pretty funny, and I think that's the point.

It's not like they said "This is how you share games on PS4". Now that was a direct shot, and was still funny. It's a fake cologne. People need to lighten up.

OT: Good on Sony, that's some excellent sportsmanship right there.

Battlefieldlover1533d ago

@ aconnellan

I thought it was a clever and funny loophole hole...till the "click" part. The jab about somthing smelling fishy... that i cringed at over the hypocrisy.

Bathyj1533d ago

I thought the cologne thing was funny and clever, but I wondered, if MS is advertising a destiny cologne are they legally obliged to actually sell one? Are you allowed to claim to be selling a product that doesn't exist, even if tongue in cheek? I thought that would be false advertising.

ArtificiallyYours1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It's like some of you don't get SEGA's marketing campaign "against Nintendo" back in the 90's.

RankFTW1532d ago

Am I the only one thinking that this is Sony having a dig at MS since the XO Kinect doesn't support the Dutch language at launch and this is in Dutch.

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Syntax-Error1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

HYPOCRITES!!!! When Phil Spencer congratulated Sony on a great launch all you damn Sony Ponies said "he just acknowledges the winner!" and now that Sony says welcome to the Netherlands you give praise in competition. I cant stand you goddamn fanboys. Ashamed to be a PS4 owner. Double standard at it's best. Even down to the fact that you shat on MS for bringing TV and Kinect to the console, but Sony's whole E3 2014 presentation this year was about the Camera and Sony TV and you had nothing to say. You ppl are sheep. Why don't you complain about the fact that PS+/PSN for PS4 is NON EXISTENT!

Randostar1533d ago

Jeez man, calm down. Did somebody come into your house and pee in your shoes or something?

madpuppy1532d ago

"Randostar", He is just reverse trolling, don't bother answering him, just disagree and move on, If he gets ignored long enough maybe he'll just move on to some poor Linux forum and troll there.

Nyxus1533d ago

That's not Dutch, it's Norwegian.

tablecloth1533d ago

I'm Dutch and you are wrong


Nyxus1533d ago

The link had been changed, now it is Dutch.

llMurcielagoll1533d ago

Woootsh! Nice one, TableCloth.

_LarZen_1533d ago

I'm Norwegian and that is most definitely not Norwegian :P

VforVideogames1533d ago

I'm Brazilian and that's not Norwegian ;D

Ninver1533d ago

I'm Ghanaian and that's absolutely not Norwegian :p :p

beans1533d ago

I'm American and don't know what the heck it is.


I'm Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and that is surely Alien. xD

thorstein1533d ago

I'm from Gondor and that is certainly not Norwegian.

rainslacker1533d ago

I'm American and I don't know where the Netherlands that anywhere near Holland?

kickerz1533d ago

I came from a cabbage patch

Syntax-Error1533d ago

I'm Guyanese and that is most definitely pig latin(igbay atinlay)

Letros1532d ago

'Murica, that is all.

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Ozmoses1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

maybe it's Nortch language or Duwegian language.

edited below -

obviously you can't take a joke or a simple switch of letters.... these robots on N4G have no sense of humor

I mean one person says it's not DUTCH and the other says it not NORWEGIAN...

well it's got to be something..

shame... no body can take a freaking joke nowaday...

Spotie1533d ago

Sick around long enough and maybe they'll absorb it from you.

hkgamer1533d ago

or the possibility that it isnt really funny.

most jokes are not that funny when read out or if you are from a different country with different cultures.

Ozmoses1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

or the more likely reason Hkgamer....

morons are morons and can't read between the lines.

I mean it's not like I bad-mouthed their countries or culture...

I simply switched the letters around because they couldn't decide if it was DUTCH OR NORWEGIAN... you know a "play" on words...

I'm so sorry it twisted your panties up...

bouzebbal1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

and i speak norwegian and you are wrong as well!
"Velkommen til Holland" is norwegian

LackTrue4K1533d ago

"I'm from Willy Wonka's factory and that's not Norwegian"

iceman061533d ago

Damn Oompa Loompas!!! LOL

EjWarrior1532d ago

LOL really are you stupid im from Holland in that is Dutch my friend! NL for Netherlands

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KYPRIME1533d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pogmathoin1533d ago

Good tweet. Take note N4G users.... We can all exist together....

DVS-Zev1533d ago

One day we will end this bickering and unite as one.
One against the PC elitists.

TheXgamerLive1533d ago

Actually , no we cant. N4G mods are sony fanboys even their twitter acct's say it and when xbox fan speaks out to them we get banned, no open ticket complaint just banned.
Ive been a member since the site started and its changed horribly bad.
Im happy when fans speak/chat but when always negative or out right lies well its just sad.
Anyways thanks for the positive post:)

BoNeSaW231533d ago

People like YOU are the problem, not N4G mods.

Find another site to complain about with your comments rather than the topic on discussion!

madpuppy1532d ago

Then...why was it the other way around the last generation? did ALL of the mods and the owner of this site just change allegiances with the release of the Xbox 1 and PS4? did you have a stroke and forget about N4G having a dominant Xbox360 tilt?

In-stead of trying to find some sort of stupid brain-dead conspiracy, maybe you should look at the events that conspired to tilt the population of PS4 users on this site over the Xbone users?

The sheer amount of PS4 consoles sold, the bad policies and decisions that Microsoft made at the beginning of this generation did them no good and is still haunting them...and rightly so.

There are reasons for everything, man.

If you don't like it, leave this place and find an Xbox one dedicated forum and get your ears tickled by how wonderful Ms console is.

gootimes1533d ago

Fans on this site are very competitive for sure.

Rob_Ko1533d ago

polish is better

it means" thousands of players welcomes one"

it suppose to be a pun about popularity of xbox in Poland

BlooGamer1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

And Xbox answered:

"One invite thousands of players"