TGC Review: Minecraft (PS4)

"Ah, good old Minecraft. Since its humble beginnings on the PC almost 5 years ago, it's come a long way. A full launch in 2011 propelled it into the gaming stratosphere and beyond and has since been ported to home consoles as well as mobile devices. So how far has Minecraft come, and is the next-gen version the definitive product?" - TGC

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1564d ago

Review should be super simple. It's minecraft with a bigger world for consoles. 10/10 Herobrines

TheBurger291564d ago

Definitive product?? No pc version is definitive product.

TheBurger291563d ago

How can anyone disagree with what I said? pc has tons of custom servers with new mobs and gear. Also a huge amount of game modes.

mysteryraz111561d ago

they could easily add that stuff to the new console versions they just came out pc had this game for years and noone cares what your opinion is either

fumbles130131560d ago

Mysteryraz11, you obviously don't understand a thing about PC gaming or for that matter the PC version of Minecraft. PC version allows easy use of plugins allowing custom game-modes and custom content, console versions only allow players to experience the vanilla game, without any moderation to it at all except for DLC that they would like you to pay for. Console could never be considered the definitive version. On a side note, the reason why the PC has had it for years is because it is the original platform to which the game was created for, when it was ported to consoles it was updated past the alpha and beta stages because by that point the game was closer to completion then its original experimental build.

1nsomniac1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

10/10 Gaming perfection. Are you serious???