Destiny Servers Unlock Exact Timing Revealed

Want to know the exact timing as to when Destiny's Servers will go live?

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Vitalogy1533d ago

"Sony has restricted press not to post Destiny reviews until Tuesday, 7:01am GMT"


Stapleface1533d ago

What are they going to review before that? An empty game with no one to play it with? Have you ever seen a co-op game or PVP game reviewed, where the reviewer was playing with no one? I know I haven't. I can't believe people expect that for this one.

donthate1533d ago

I hate how the gaming industry is getting closer to making it the default to embargo your game from review until it is essentially days after your game is released.

Essentially, they don't want you to know what you are buying!

There used to be demos and proper reviews. Now it is demos as marketing tool (alpha/betas) and embargoes and so on.

Sevir1532d ago


Just like Titan Fall, Destiny isn't a game that you can simply review days before, the game at its core is an always online persistent social world that's designed around seamless Integration of thousands of players all doing there own thing, story, co-op, social hub or PvP.

Having a review on Day one or days before for something that's 100% dependent on a large scale numbers of active players... The media alone wouldn't get an accurate feel for the game, so Thats simply why MOST media outlets are postponing their review of Destiny till after the game has launched by up to a week. Gamespot, Eurogamer, GameInformer and IGN all plan to review the game this way, and it makes much sense, since they'll play the game under the same circumstances as customers.

This isn't Halo where a half of the game is offline and the Other half is a small online suit with low player counts that can be tested. This is an MMO like shooter built to be online only that requires hundreds of thousands of people to function, a game this big and persistent would be boring to run through virtually empty... The random systems in places for Public events need more than a few thousdand people playing at any time. The ability to interact and join or invite players with different internect connects to your fire team needs global wild and unscripted interaction, not controlled variables. If you played the beta, you know what the game offers on core gameplay, the final game has tweaks and everything opened not just 50% of Earth, not just 4 maps, not just 2 PvP types... Not just a level cap of 8.

PeaSFor1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

GOOD, will avoid all the sensationalistic bullshit and click baits from "reviewers"(more like bloggers) who think you can do an honest review in less than a week with this kind of game, its all about lvling and get better gear.

the only "legit" reviews will be one to two WEEKS after the release date.....and i will be already able to do MY OWN review with MY OWN opinion without sensationalism anyway after all the hours i spent in the alpha and beta and then the real game.

man im hyped to start the game on 3:00am(east), monday i will go to sleep early after the job until a "breakfast" and do my "morning routine".....then will be in front of my ps4 at 2:59am to play it asap.....then go to work at 6am.

you know you are an harcore gamer when you schedule your day around a game launch!

donthate1533d ago

You can definitely give an impression!

In game design and mechanics, often times the faulty mechanic will show up early. Same with story telling and so on.

Grave1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Is this the actual playing start time then?

cl19831533d ago

Midnight in your time zone.

Drithe1533d ago

Damn it! Now downloaders are getting to put in 17 hours of play before those who get the hard copy? FOUL!!!

Stapleface1533d ago

Maybe not, that's when the servers go live, but that doesn't mean our downloaded games will unlock. I can only hope.

ScottyHoss1533d ago

They're timed to unlock at the midnight launch, so unfortunately only bungie will be playing D: and the lucky few whose games came in the mail early. amazon shipped my buddies copy already by accident, should show up today. Not exactly sure how that happened though

Tru_Blu1532d ago

Digital can't play until midnight PST so if your east coast you have to wait till 3am tuesday. Kinda lame if you ask me, make it midnight EST.

our_games_are_art1533d ago

calm down bro
The article only states servers will be live. That can be for a number of reasons.
My assumption is since this articles is about the embargo on reviews maybe the media will have early access to it. But I'm an all digital fella especially for large multiplayer games like this. I'd hate to have to get up to swap discs every time a friend hops online!

n4rc1533d ago

Its only fair.. For every other game, digital buyers needed to wait until 3am est (depending where u live of course) to begin a download when its midnight release local time for physical

matrixman921533d ago

Digital copies are unlocking at 3 AM est according to the psn timer

Wedge191533d ago

That's only when servers go live for reviewers, not when the download unlocks.

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MegaSackman1533d ago

I think the pre-ordered game won´t start until tuesday midnight, which is shit.

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