What Is The First Video Game To Make Your Jaw Drop?

GUG writers all team up together to tell you what games made their jaws drop.

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woodchipper891500d ago

What was the first game to make your jaw drop?

mikeslemonade1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Madden 2001, Gears 1, Uncharted 2/COD4, The Order. That's just me being suprised on graphical leaps. When you play games you "see" before you "play" typically.

Blacktric1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

First Guilty Gear for me. Beat my friend 4 times consecutively, he got mad and punched me right on the chin, which dislocated my jaw...

That's what they're talking about right?

miyamoto1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Resident Evil Code Veronica then Soul Calibur Sega Dreamcast

SmielmaN1500d ago

First game to blow me away was Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2. Just gaming bliss as a kid.

gamer4lifeyo1499d ago

Those are the same 2 games that I remember as a kid being amazed by these games! That's when snake had no face, lol. I enjoyed RE2 a little more tho.

Jonny5isalive1499d ago

I got a ps1 for RE2, thats the best RE game EVER!!!!

SmielmaN1499d ago

I had finally got a ps1 for Christmas and the only game I wanted was metal gear solid because it had sweet ads, 2 discs, and multiple endings. I had no idea what a mind blowing experience that would be. Same with RE2. I group played it for a while and we were just floored taking turns dying. Lol

Sharky2311499d ago

metal gear solid always made my jaw drop. Another time I remember the jaw drop was when I came out of the vault for the first time in fallout. I know the graphics weren't the greatest but the size of the world was amazing!

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Why o why1500d ago

Seeing the first colossus from shadow of the colossus

Seeing gears of war for the first time

Seeing batman on the amiga

Spotie1500d ago

It happened somewhere in there for me. Not the first one, but one of those beautiful titans probably made my jaw drop for the first time.

After that, it was probably Xenosaga. Not for the graphics, but the scale of the machinations that kept appearing. I just couldn't get over how big stuff got.

Balsanoid1500d ago

Super Mario Bros. 3! I still remember seeing The Wizard in theaters, and the entire marketing hype that went with it. Completely lived up to the hype & far surpassed it! It has remained timeless & can still be enjoyed just as much today.

Mega241500d ago

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind than Oblivion dropped it even lower.

PinkEye1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Per generation (not exactly the best games of all time, but were the FIRST I seen to make me feel in awe when they first came out):

In terms of gameplay (not just graphics)

-NES/Sega Master System: Ninja Gaiden; Phantasy Star

SNES: Donkey Kong Country

PS1/N64/Saturn: Final Fantasy 8; Star Fox 64; Nights

Ps2/Dreamcast/Xbox: Persona 3; Jet Set Radio; Halo

PS3/Xbox 360/Wii: MGS4; (none on 360); Super Mario Sunshine

Ps4/Wii U (so far): TLOU remastered; Mario Kart 8

not_UKRsoldier1500d ago

The mission "All Ghillied Up" in COD4. The beginning of it, when the captain blended into the trunk of the tree with his camouflage and the photorealistic lighting and movement in that mission...

ExiledBlitz1500d ago

Twilight Princess, Wind Waker and Assassin's Creed II.

Magicite1499d ago

I went straight from 8bit era to Playstation and my first game was Dino Crysis 2, I couldnt believe my eyes.

Jonny5isalive1499d ago

Mine would be Mario 64. I just played games then, but saw one at Blockbuster right when it came out and was amazed when I played mario 64. I didnt know what a N64 was because I was 10 and was playing Doom and my SNES, not following gaming news. I reserved a n64 and got gamepro and EGM subscription. Went on to get PS1, Dreamcast and Voodoo 3 PC to go with my n64. All because I saw mario 64 and became obsessed with what was next.

3-4-51499d ago

* Too many in many minor and different ways.

The one that did the most was probably Mario 64, or maybe Wave Race 64.

* Plenty of NES & SNES/Genesis games did as well though.

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Going to my buddy's house in grade 3 or so and seeing Super Mario Bros running on a nice 27 inch tv. Then in 1989 or 1990 going to my cousins house and seeing sonic and Altered Beast and when it talked
(RISE FROM YOUR GRAVES) it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. (worst thing I had seen up to that point in my life was megatron killing Optimus Prime in the transformers movie that I watched in the theater. Instant hate for Hot Rod.

NexGen1500d ago

27 inch was huge back then. I was lucky to have a 19 inch tv in the basement.

QSPR1500d ago

wow dude, you just described me when i was a kid! sonic, Mario, altered beast, duck hunt, kung fu, and transformers the movie!!!!!! hate that peace of garbage hot rod. mega like this post.

TripC501500d ago

Mario Land 2. 6 Golden Coins.when I first encountered Wario at the end of the game and he gets to use power-ups.

BrandanT1500d ago

The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker. Definitely when seeing Link stab Ganondorf in the head.