Digital vs Retail - Letting Go Of My Inner Collector

iTechHeads: Ever since I've been a gamer I've collected games. I rarely sold them to Gamestop and I rarely lended or gave them away to friends and family. I was a collector. I liked the feeling of seeing my game collection on my shelf. It was a feeling of pride and accomplishment for me. So why is it that I'm questioning my habits this generation? It's because I've experienced the huge advantages digital has over retail discs.

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oODEADPOOLOo1533d ago

Im sticking to my collection, sales on digital are not consistent enough to make it cheaper then physical yet.

Retroman1533d ago

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Xof1533d ago

Digital copies seem pretty pointless for anything but PC. Nintendo locks content to hardware, so if you lose your machine you lose everything you've bought, and Sony is backpedaling on backwards-compatibility so that they can sell gamers access to content they already own (digital and physical) again and again and again.

Spotie1533d ago

As it's been said many times before, nobody is forcing you to buy these games again. And buying a game on PS3 does not and should not intrinsically mean that you're entitled to a copy of the same game on PS4.

That said, haven't there already been at least a few games that counted from last gen to this one?

Trekster_Gamer1533d ago

I will always prefer the physical over digital unless it is a Heck of a lot cheaper. Even then I still miss the Physical copy! Long after the game has ended I still enjoy that shiny disc displayed proudly on my shelf!

1533d ago
hkgamer1533d ago

i never really sold or traded in any games aswell. actually 99% of games i bought has been new. i hardly ever buy 2nd hand.

i also prefer having game cases and a physical disc, makes me actually feel like i own the game. however digital conviniences has made me sway my choices even though they are at a premium price.

which leads me to xbone announcement and its drm console. finally i can purchase a game disk. install it then leave it on my shelf for it to gather dust. sounded like the perfect device for me but then fans and rebeled and now the xbone is nothing but a less powerful ps4 with no ambition.