Columnist Alludes to Video Game Connection in Shocking Murder of Two Young Girls

While a small Oklahoma town reels from the senseless murder of two young girls, a columnist for the Wichita Falls Times Record News, has alluded to a video game connection:

"To some horrible creature... Taylor Paschal-Placker and Skyla Whitaker were nothing more than target practice. The two young girls... were gunned down as if they were images in a video game...

The gunman, or gunmen, never even needed to get out of the vehicle... They never even needed to come to a complete stop.

You get extra points for that, right?

...I wonder just how this despicable person -- or persons -- received such training. Could it have been with a video game controller?"

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TruthbeTold3836d ago

Because even if somehow these cowards got this idea from a video game, they aren't sick in the head or anything... It's not like they would have done something like this in slightly different form eventually...
Why all of a sudden mainstream writers think it's cool to blame video games for everything is beyond me, but they need to move on already. It's getting beyond annoying, and starting to move into the territory of insulting. I think we gamers need an "attack dog" who's willing to do the research on the incidents surrounding these claims and lay the smack down (through journalism of course) when need be.

sovietsoldier3836d ago

because they think gamers are stupid and lazy and they will get away with saying whatever they want about us. i didnt know jack tompson lived in Oklahoma?

instantstupor3836d ago

I mean, with her line of thinking apparently video games are great training (under my guidance the Orioles have the best record in baseball, so I must be GOD like - watch out Jeter). The line "where could they get this training...could it have been with a controller" is quite rich. Yes, I'm sure when they picked up their firearm, they were intimately familiar with how to aim and load it, deal with the recoil, and so on because a piece of plastic with analogue sticks is a really great training tool for all the intricacies and minutiae associated with guns.

They don't even have a suspect and this woman just grabs at straws and comes up with video games as the cause. That is really strong, investigative journalism there Deanna. Keep that integrity.

Freayr3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

exactly, but as a matter of fact, i can safely say that 90% of gamers have an good IQ, great if not superb IT skills, and more or less knows what they are talking about. And yeah some of us are lazy, but the majority of us arn't. xD

The fact that she can even jump to a conclusion that video games are to blame, mean's she is just another crappy writer trying to be a journalist. The fact is, and i'm sure your all aware, that the person/people that commited them crimes, and all crimes blamed on video games are by people who are generally crazy to even think;

"oh woah, that scene with the dead bodies that are falling from the wall, and them children being ripped apart, would be awesome if it was real..."

Now thats not the thoughts of 99.9% of gamers, instead its the crazy people of the world, that would commit crimes even if they'd never played video games.

Also, there have been crimes that have been commited by gamers, and the people killed in certain ways, remember Manhunt? awesome game but some weirdo reanacted the killing methods. Now, my theory, the game didnt make him commit those crimes, he was most likely going to commint horrific crimes anyway. He just liked the methods shown in the game, now i've seen a lot of the methods used in films, and television, but its not hip to blame them anymore.

Just remember its Hip to be Square - American Psycho