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Xbox players takes a look at Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition

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HanzoHattori1563d ago

Not a fan of RPGs obviously...

nX1563d ago

Probably more into the dudebro genre, can't wait for their Gears review. Compared to other games this game is nowhere near a 6, rather a 8 or 9.

ArchangelMike1563d ago

Diablo III:Ultimate Evil Edit is probably worth higher than a 6.3 - more like an 8.0.

The sheer replayability of it, the dynamic drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, the end-game content, bounties, nephalem rifts etc. I admit that even on 'Expert' the game is still too easy, but the draw is in upping the difficulty once you reach the level cap. Alternatively you could have simply started playing Hardcore Mode if you really wanted permadeath - it makes your gameplay sessions alot more tense, and therefore exciting.

From the sound of your review, it seems that you didn't actually play the end game content, or play the game on the higher difficulty settings. You would have known that your gameplay strategy and the skill sets you choose, change dramatically. Basically you can no longer stand in the middle of a horde, spam attacks and expect to survive.

But, 'to each his own', the style of the game will not be to everyone's taste, and that is fair enough.

On a different note - for the love of God, read your own article. Edit the article, then read it again. Then get someone else to read it and then edit it. Your article is full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors etc. If you are going to use big words like 'conjecture', you need to understand what the word means, and use it appropriately

Seriously though, improve your craft, develop your writing skill - Edit Your Articles! It's the only way you'll get better, and not come across as an amateur. We love games, we love gaming, we love to read gaming articles that's why we're here.