Video: Project Cars PS4 vs PC comparison

Want to see how the PC and PS4 versions of Project Cars compare? Watch here.

The game is due for release November 21 in Europe on PS4, PC and Xbox One. A Wii U version is due in 2015.

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Future_20151532d ago

You can't compare on a 30fps compressed youtube video, you will have to play both versions for yourself to see all the differences and the higher graphic options and resolutions on the PC, hopefully digital foundry will do a comparison when the game is out as they do a good job of noting all the differences.

tee_bag2421532d ago

Agree'd. Even though Youtube now supports 60fps the compression is far too aggressive. No comparison worth their weight in salt uses Youtube

amiga-man1532d ago

What sets this game apart for me is the Morpheus support, that has my interest as a PS4 owner.

VR could make this a very unique experience for PC and PS4 owners.

Boody-Bandit1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Even in this compressed video I had a really hard time seeing any differences at all. I'm impressed to hell that the PS4 is pulling this off without a hiccup. I have a higher end PC and thought this was one game I would have to bypass the PC to get the best gaming experience. After seeing this side by side comparison I'm definitely penciling this one in for the PS4 and the PC now.

Great job SM Studios.

JP13691531d ago

"Even in this compressed video I had a really hard time seeing any differences at all."

That's because the compression makes a proper comparison harder, not easier.

KakashiHotake1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

But if the only way to tell the difference is to play for yourself then why does it even matter? No matter what version you play will be the same experience and if the only way to tell the difference is to play every version then that defeats the point. Whatever version you play will be the best version for you.

KYPRIME1532d ago

same shit, driveclub destroys this on pc and ps4

Thefreeman0121532d ago

not everything has to be a competition

KYPRIME1532d ago

then where's the fun??

Thefreeman0121532d ago

@KYPRIME isnt it all supposed to be fun

Kavorklestein1531d ago

Let's do what Sony fans are iNFAMOUS for, by using deflection tactics to deny valid/typical/standard comparisons and stay ignorantly blissful!

Compare Gran Turismo to Forza, then Sony fans say GT is better because it's a better simulator, compare Driveclub to Forza, then they say "You can't compare them because Driveclub isn't a sim...." they then continue to say you "CAN" compare Forza's and DriveClub's GRAPHICS???

So, basically, only the things that make Sony look good are valid, and anything else is an "un-fair comparison" ??? They do the same thing with every game. Sony fan: "Ryse sucks because it's linear and full of QTE's, and the game is crappy except for GFX, and it still suxx because it's not 1080p"

Show them the Order, and suddenly linearity is No big deal, QTE's don't matter, and gimping resolution for graphical effects or for "cinematic look" is all fair game.

Compare EA Access to PS Now, and they poop a gold nugget saying you can't compare them!!!

Even tho they are BOTH:
1.Additional services outside of PS plus and xbox
live gold
2. They both cost money
3. they both grant you access to games you obtain/enjoy through the internet on your console

EA Access offers SO much MORE value in bang for your buck comparison than PSNow that sony fans say you can't compare them because One is Rip-off for OLD games, and the other is a GOOD DEAL for NEW games.

They also say you can't compare the Xbox one to the PS4, and over-exaggerate the graphical advantage the PS4 has over the xbox one, but as soon as you mention a PC, they say that graphics don't matter.

They also magically whip out a PC gaming rig with dual GTX Titans or GTX 780 Ti's whenever you mention Exclusives for Xbox one.

DUAL GTX 780's?

B**ch Please.
You could have an xbox one AND a ps4 and a wii u and
more than capable gaming rig for the cost of Two GFX cards like that.

Anywhoo... OT-
Project cars looks great, (and so does Forza Horizon 2, and Driveclub looks very stunning.)

Boody-Bandit1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Graphically DC is a better looking game but PCars sets itself apart when it comes to mechanics. It's more of a sim with real world physics (mechanics and weather). It takes a lot of resources to have that level of physics in a game. PCars is trying to blur the lines between true sim with a hint of arcade.

I'm getting both. Racing far and away is my favorite genre. I can't wait. Only a month to go for DC and a month later PCars.

AndrewLB1531d ago

It was only a week or two ago where one of the lead developers for DriveClub said in an interview that the game is right in the middle between being a sim and arcade.

DriveClub is more sim than P-Cars is Arcade.

Agent_hitman1532d ago

Both games will be amazing nonetheless.. I love racing games..

medman1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yeah, I'm a bit torn at the moment...I will only buy one of them...I'm thinking maybe I'll wait to see the reviews of both then decide...I think it hurts DriveClub a bit that the weather isn't coming at launch but several months(!?!) later...I know DriveClub will look prettier, but will it have the depth to engage me long term? I just don't know, so the psplus version may be all I look into. I like everything I've heard about Project Cars, right now I think it's slightly in the lead for me...the progression, the racing modes, the way you can set up your career the way you want with all cars available from the get go...pretty intriguing to me. Forza Horizon looks very good, but I don't own the xbone....I like the fact in that game it's open world, and it's hard to beat driving open world in Italy and the south of France. It's the first Forza game I've seen that I really would like to own.

Hellsvacancy1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Sorry but I think Project Cars looks plain and lifeless, judging it by this video alone is abit unfair, i've not seen all that many video if PC but look at it, it just looks meh

I don't see this doing well against DriveClub and that new Forza game, guess PC only gamers don't get the luxury of choice on this one like console only gamers do, I know what i'd rather buy

piroh1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

it reminds me GT6, very similar graphics. anyway, PS4 version looks very good. it´s not comparable to Driveclub since DC is an exclusive made especialy for PS4, PCars is made for WiiU as well

AndrewLB1531d ago ShowReplies(1)
Thefreeman0121532d ago

PC looks a little crisper with the colors. PS4 looks just slightly darker. other wise i cant tell

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