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Minecraft has become a phenomenon over the past five years, and now the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are some of the best places to play it. Though it may look primitive at a glance, your options in this virtual sandbox world are limited only by your imagination.

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one2thr1559d ago

This game is awesome, and this is coming from a guy that started off playing Terraria.


Me and my friend got lost underground for 30-45 minutes until we came across a Ender man and paniced and died, to see where we began mining.

I like a game where I can get lost (literally & figuratively)

guitarded771559d ago

Funny... I started off playing Minecraft (which is addictive), then went to Terraria. I liked Terraria more.

mixelon1559d ago

I like them both for different reasons as they're completely different to one another. :D

Mr Pumblechook1559d ago

That's actually a we-ll written and insightful review that captures the essence of the game.

nX1559d ago

I got bored by both games pretty early, Terraria is a much better structured "game" than Minecraft though. Minecraft is just fun if you enjoy building stuff, otherwise it can get repetitive pretty fast.

one2thr1559d ago

I played the heck out of Terraria, full Turtle armor and Legendary mega shark with chlorophate bullets, beaten all the over the top bosses, and still couldnt get the Wonderer to spawn.

One thing I really hated, was the quickly spreading hollow that happened in my vault world, it got way out of hand, and Terraria never gave me that "Yield with caution", feeling whenever I approached a dark area/cave, and its virtually impossible for me to get lost in Terraria as well.

I guess I like Minecraft better do to its scale, and visual effects. Its like a virtual lego land, and almost everything is a building block.

Soon to be project, "Outer Haven"/"Mother Base"/"Big Shell"

Magicite1559d ago

I wish it would look not so 80-ish.

3-4-51559d ago

Been playing this a ton over the past two days.

It's a nice improvement from when I was playing an earlier version on xbox 360.

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kingdom181559d ago

I have yet to try this game. Perhaps I'll give it a go in future, more likely so if it gets a sale, although I doubt that will happen soon, considering how popular it is.

nitrogav1559d ago

I bought the Ps3 version for my daughters to play and they love it. Keeps them quiet for ages. Question is do I have to pay again for PS4 version?.

one2thr1559d ago

Yeah, its $5 to upgrade it to the PS4 version.

nitrogav1559d ago

Cheers for your reply, will get the PS4 version. On second thoughts do I really want my two girls hogging MY PS4 :-(.

theshredded1559d ago

wow really?I thought it was garbage

Rob_Ko1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

sorry but I just can't force myself to even try it. Building stuff isn't my idea of fun, and that graphics, ugghhh

KakashiHotake1559d ago

Well Minecraft is more of a family game, and it's better if you play it with friends or relatives. It's good by yourself but it's the kind of game that inspires you to play with other people. It's literally like building a world made of legos and exploring it, but it's a lot more deep and rewarding than you might think.

mixelon1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Some of the texture packs are significantly less pixelated. :) I totally see why some people don't like it .

Personally I think MC is one of the prettiest games around. Watching the sunset over distant mountains, knowing the world you're playing on has likely never been seen by anyone.. It has more atmosphere than most games.

You can play MC with a limited degree of building. I tend to make small bases and then start levelling up (which either requires mining or killing a bunch of stuff) and enchanting stuff and only concentrate on big building projects if a location really shouts out for it.

Things like the nether are great if you just want to engage with more enemies. Ghasts for example fling fireballs you can reflect with a well timed sword swipe.. But their fireballs can blow up the ground beneath you and put you into lava pools. There's a surprising amount of traditional gameplay mechanics in MC. :)

Eg fighting skeletons - you have to strafe a lot - you can block attacks with your weapon to reduce damage, but there's a chance of causing more damage if you jump while striking, so you're leaping around like crazy dealing with even common enemies. With some risk of accidentally falling and hurting yourself. I don't think all these subtleties are immediately obvious to people who've not played it for a good while - it's a lot more of a "proper game" than some give it credit for.

I'd at least give the demo a fling, especially if it allows multiplayer.

Argh I did it again sorry! WALL OF TEXXXXT.

Rob_Ko1559d ago

thank you, that's really good review actually, I might give it a go someday.

Matt6661559d ago

Graphics should be the last thing on a gamers mind, there are more important things like gameplay, re-playability, storyline etc. Graphics don't make a game its everything else that makes a game.

_LarZen_1559d ago

To bad today's generation of gamers is all graphics no content.

CorndogBurglar1559d ago

You realize the graphics are like that on purpose, right?

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