Lots of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS details, AKB48 promotion

New details, costumes (including Fierce Deity Link), and more revealed for the new Smash Bros.

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randomass1711532d ago

Ever since Wreck-It Ralph I can't stop hearing about this group lol. Nice promotion though. That ought to get some attention in Japan. Also the other details were super juicy. Not to spoil anything for you guys, but some of these costumes sound awesome. :D

Jirachi1532d ago

"lucina is not playable" FAKE sakurai said she was himself.

randomass1711532d ago

He might have been talking about the build he was playing.

Ck1x1532d ago

The Fierce Deity Link confirmation was all that I needed to hear!

kirbyu1532d ago

"This is only a color, NOT a costume"

Thank god. If it's just Wolf's color scheme and not a full Wolf re-skin, then Wolf isn't deconfirmed. One of Mario's is Wario's color scheme and yet Wario is still playable.