Stop hating The Sims 4 and admit it: the game nails what counts

Games in Asia: "All you haters of The Sims 4, put down your pitchforks and just hear me out."

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2pacalypsenow1560d ago

So if it nails what it counts then ill stick with sims 3 since its everything sims 4 is plus more, hell even sims 2 is

annoyedgamer1560d ago

NO! It only nails robbing gullible casuals dry which is EA's specialty.

wallis1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Eurgh. So apparently a game that offers less is acceptable because it nails some things well. Arguments like this take a bit of a straw man approach. Yes lots of people hate EA, and sometimes the momentum of that hate means that it's hard to tell with games like the Sims or Battlefield. But ultimately there are some legitimate concerns voiced by both consumers and critics and belittling those concerns into nothing but "EA hate" leaves you looking like an arse.

It would also help if your arguments were stronger than "it's easier to build a house", "it's easier to build a sim", "maybe casuals would have a hard time with an open world" and "it has cellphones and modern jobs because it kept up with the times".

At the end of the day, EA can make any game they want and I just won't buy it if it expects me to shovel out stupid amounts of cash for a sub-par product. The only thing anyone needs to admit is that in an industry dominated by graphics and technology you'd have to be an idiot to expect things like loading screens and gameplay depth to not be a concern.

nippletwister1559d ago

The difference between a hobbyist gamer (or hardcore gamer if you will) and a casual gamer, is that a hobbyist gamer buys games in order to support a developer and their philosophy and practices, while a casual gamer buys games so they can play them and doesn't care, nor is aware, if chipping in their money actually incentivizes disgusting business practice and disgusting operating philosophy. A casual gamer never looks at the bigger picture.
The difference between these two cases is big. For starters, a hobbyist gamer knows when enough is enough and knows to recognize when funding something only funds further deterioration and bad business practices. They focus on the details.
A hobbyist gamer doesn't seek to justify a fail by focusing on the few positives, they focus on the negatives to bring them to light so the developer can perfect their game in the future and bring out even more quality if they have any passion and willpower for it. Without critics, humanity would never advance. Additionally, they use the vast library of experience in gaming, with which higher standards come naturally through time, in order to pinpoint when bull crap is bull crap, and when a dev trying is a dev trying.

EA is bullcrap, they aren't trying anything except to wring as much money as possible.
Obviously the writer of this article falls into the casual category and the bigger picture evades them or they don't give a damn.

aliengmr1558d ago

Guess its too much to ask for complete games.

This has less to do with Sims 4 than this new age of stripping content from game in order to up the price.

DLC is projected to earn something like a billion dollars, so expect more and more DLC. That's not even including pre-order crap.

If you prefer less value, that's fine.