Wayward Manor Review: Neil Gaiman’s “Worst Book” | Technology Tell

From the review, "What’s worse than the puzzles (and scarier than anything the characters in Wayward Manor might experience) are the game-breaking glitches. Too often the cursor used to interact with the world would become an impotent hourglass icon, incapable of anything but evoking frustration. Objects clipping through one another is a sign that corners may have been cut and when essential puzzle elements become unintentionally unclickable with unfathomable regularity, it becomes hard to forgive them as merely a pratfall of the medium. On the plus side, visual glitches can sometimes be humorous. [Benjamin Maltbie hasn't] any idea what Wayward Manor’s anti-hero might look like, but I can guarantee that he or she can look no more horrific than this one time the otherwise forgettable Madame Budds’s lady bits decided to go rogue.Or are they just wonky by design?"

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