This Isn't A Real Hangar, This Is What Unreal Engine 4 Is Capable Of

DSOGaming writes: "Artist Javier Lajara is currently working on an unbelievable ‘Hangar’ map in Unreal Engine 4. Javier decided to ditch Unity (via which this map was originally created) over Epic’s engine, and has been experimenting with the lighting system available in it. And while this is still a WIP project, we can’t help but be amazed at the image fidelity achieved with it. This is by far the most realistic scene we’ve ever seen, and shows what Unreal Engine 4 is capable of."

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xer01499d ago

lol - it doesn't even look photo realistic.

Anyhoo.. Kinda tired of unreal engine.
Looking forward to Fox engine, and Silent Hills (PT).

FriedGoat1499d ago


PT was quite photorealistic in some areas.

Alex_Boro1499d ago

PT wasn't the best looking or realistic looking game but the design of the atmosphere and the creepiness to everything made it look really good.

XBLSkull1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I hadn't tried it but isn't PT just using the full power of the PS4 to render a simple hallway? Or was there more to it than that?

I might have to dig the PS4 out of the closet and give it a try, is it still available or was it for like gamescom week only?

psman0121499d ago

Photorealistic, no. But it looks excellent for a game engine. it's definitely not CG quality (the walls for example look awful and flat), but if this was turned into a game, it wouldn't look too bad.

Timesplitter141499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

that's really one of the less impressive demos of UE4 so far. Way too much bloom, and textures are pretty low-quality (especially on the airplane).

But I dont like these demos in general. They always show perfectly clean and simple surfaces, with no humans, or plants, or motion, or anything that is actually difficult to pull off. I want a tech demo that shows what real games can look like.

MRMagoo1231499d ago

It's probably because it would take about 30 years to do a demo with ppl in.

sinspirit1499d ago

I think it's because their is no warm light even though the door is open. And the lights on the wall are ridiculously too bright for a room with so much light inside.

Some people think it's always about turning settings up and crunching more numbers. It's the attention to detail and accuracy.

ChickeyCantor1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

"Anyhoo.. Kinda tired of unreal engine. "

I don't think you understand how this works, lol. It all comes down to the artists. The engine is simply a tool ( yes technical features and all, but to discredit UE4? whut It hasn't been utilized yet).

zep1499d ago

indeed you speak the truth so awesomee they all look like plastic must be all the same artist on all ue games last gen

ChickeyCantor1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


A lot of UDK users make use of assets they got with the engine. That's why a lot of materials look alike. However you can create your own shaders and materials. It's most likely they bought asset packs to boost their production.

Pretending this is all UDK can do is hilariously ignorant. Fox engine is fairly similar to UDK and any other engine because they all use modern techniques. Non of them use space magic. NON. They are all bound to the computational power of today.

It comes down to art design and how clever you use the shaders.

Your comment is garbage mate, just like 90% of the people here who want to be technical about something.

xer01497d ago

Thanks but I don't need a lecture.
I'm a 30 something developer with 10 years behind me.

I know exactly how it works - thanks.

This is hardly a shining example of unreal engine in use. The author hypes up the story beyond belief.

zep1497d ago

i dont give a fck i dont buy games made using eu or anything related because i dont like that fact that most of its game are all shity looking plastic go defend ur engine i bet you work for epic lol garabage im no pro i just play games video games you can have all ur tech stuff lol sleep well now

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Downtown boogey1499d ago

How can you be tired of Unreal Engine?
Have you been working on it for too long..?

SuperBlur1499d ago

Yup , at first i thought it was a plane from GTA V

ChickeyCantor1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

"This is hardly a shining example of unreal engine in use."

Yet you said "anyhoo kinda tired of unreal engine". UDK4 hasn't even been utilized properly. You probably barely touched it and you're saying you're tired of software that is just out .

I'm not buying your "10 years of development" nonsense. You're buying into Fox engine but already seem to be done with UDK4. LOL.

Both engines will look fairly similar (Both engines use modern techniques anyway ). And let's drop the pretentiousness you have no clue what is possible with both engines. Yet you seem to prefer one over the other.

"The author hypes up the story beyond belief."

I wasn't disputing that.

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Paprika1499d ago

Unreal engine doesn't make holidays. But if they did....

tkato1499d ago

Seriously?, did you even consider that in a real hanger besides a plane there are also a lot of equipment and people running around?.

Doesn't look photo realistic, looks like a somebody that doesn't how to set up a scene tried to make something in UE4, and even that came out wrong.

Neixus1499d ago

Fox Engine has always been the best to look photo realistic, UE4 is more of a game'ish style in my opinion.

ChickeyCantor1499d ago

lol the things you people say.

ExiledBlitz1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I have to agree with Nexius as far as photo-realism is concerned. The Fox Engine demos were subtle and attentive to small detail. When they put the demo photos and real photos side by side it was a bit difficult to tell which was which for a moment.

These Unreal demos, while pretty, have unrealistic light sources, too much bloom and the surfaces are too clean and shiny. It's still carrying the stylistic tropes we adopted last gen when those techniques were relatively new and impressive.

However, I feel like the jury is still out on which will look better a console with fixed mid-rage (albeit highly specialized) hardware. Ground Zeroes has its moments visually (especially in regards to lighting), but I don't feel like it's taking full advantage of next gen hardware as it is a cross-generation game and the code has to run on low-end hardware as well.

Also it's important to realize that not every game is meant to look realistic and Unreal might be far superior at creating colorful and highly stylized visuals.

Syntax-Error1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Fox Engine does look amazing. Have you looked at the textures and close ups in MGS? They are almost flawless and show no pixels or jaggies. The plane doesn't even cast a shadow. The lighting was terrible.

DanielGearSolid1499d ago

It looks to pristine to be realistic

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