Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Gameplay Clip 1 - Gameplay Demonstration

Videogamer has a video up in which Ubisoft demonstrates its new air combat title.

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Antan3837d ago

Nice to hear Mr Belic`s voice again!

JOLLY13837d ago

I was kind of hoping this would look better than Ace Combat 6. The story in AC6 was weird. I was hoping this would be like it with a more American story. They do still have time to improve this game's hoping.


Do you mean like Gears story? Halo story? Come on...

Not even Tom Clancy's for me, I get japanese storytelling over those any day.

jadenkorri3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Namco gave Sony fans/users the big f*ck you by literally putting everything exclusively or timed on the 360, well, my Namco games Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero will be traded for this game Hawx...whcih looks awsome, its great that its multi-platform and will be the new flight sim for us ps3 users... If Namco was smart, they would release Ace Combat 6 to the ps3 before this comes out cause if they don't well, there is no point after this release... I for one bought Ace Combat on day one, guess not anymore...

Ju3837d ago

This will replace AceCombat for me. Simply because they didn't port AC6 to the PS3 - why guys ? Now PS3 gamers will get a great flight combat game as well. Great!

newneto3837d ago

It is nice to see a game on the great landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. However, remember that Rio is more than 1.400 miles away from the Amazon. So, I suppose this is not a Amazon combat game. Are ready to fight against the drug dealing Brazilian Mafia? Just call Captain Nascimento.

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