#GamerGate Gets Support From Xbox Developer; Microsoft Statement Hinted At

One Angry Gamer "You are winning; gamers of all creeds; gamers of all ages. You are heaving on your backs a struggle that few understand but many are willing to support; gamers of all genders; gamers of all orientations. You are pushing forward through a war of attrition with a foe who does not like you, who despises you and who spits in your face with the precision of a venomous snake bite and stings your soul like the pricks of a thousand needles. But their hate will not deter you, because you – gamer of all types, from all walks of life – are winning."

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-Foxtrot1563d ago

I'm not sure if this is from some guys at Microsoft aswell, although it came before the content of this article on the Facebook page and he says in it "Xbox guy here again" but it's still relevant never the less.

Some person within the industry apparently had this to say about why studios are either backing them blindly or are keeping quiet.

"Hello /v/ I know none of you will believe me, but I am in a position in the game industry which gives me a certain set of information which will be helpful for you.

Here is what you need to shift some focus to. PR and publishers. If you start contacting the PR reps, which I can give you emails for, and POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY explain that the response from journalists at XYZ site means you will no longer be visiting those sites, and as long as Game company #4 continues to allow their games to be covered by XYZ site, you wont be purchasing those titles either. the PR guys WILL listen, and believe me, they ARE watching the chaos. Most of them are closer to your side of things then you think, and most of them are sick to death of Kotaku etc.

At Pax I spoke to several of my friends, Klepek or whoever it was that said the devs are on his side was full of shit. Most of us, myself included are scared to death, the blacklist is real, people in dev positions all over ARE and HAVE BEEN losing their jobs for disagreeing with the Progressive agenda, not because a majority in the industry agrees with it, but because the un-godly firestorm Sarkeesian and the rest will rain down on any studio who isnt goosestepping in line with them is not worth one or two programmers or artists' jobs. Many of us in the industry are trolling reddit, twitter, and 4chan hopeful that you guys turn this shit around. So here is a list of emails for you guys to use.

Remember, these people are friends, they may have personal views on the subject, but they have a job. PLEASE be respectful .

Then he gives a list of emails to big companies and studios.

If true then no wonder we got that article on how 600 studios signed that open letter to stop abuse and harassment.

WilliamUsher1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Those 600 signatures were bogus.

I haven't had time to do an article about it, but someone broke it down and found that there were a lot of bogus names and entries on that list.

Trying to prioritize the right stuff for the sake of shifting narrative.

Anyway, yeah I saw that post on /v/. Great stuff. I really hope people take that advice and ask those PR nicely.

Also, working with some other writers whose editors won't allow them to pursue the matter publicly. Silverstring is a really shady and mysterious company.


Dedicatedgamer's blog post from last year really opened up a huge opening regarding transformative "commerce journalism", so it's something we've been checking into.

It's waaaay bigger than just "lulz gamerz r sexistz".

Blacktric1563d ago

What William said is true. That "600+ signatures from developers" thing was a huge BS, since most people who signed it were actually from press or weren't related to game development scene at all. And most of the related ones were nobodies that had no games released. I even saw some guy from Badass Digest (the website owned by: "I have more respect for ISIS than anti-Queen people" guy) sign it on Twitter.

Also, to add on top of this; Xbox's Twitter account also posted a tweet in the lines of "who here are proud to be a gamer? tell us how long you've been gaming". So I'm assuming this has some sort of truth behind it.

Dee_911563d ago

I'm just wondering how many times do these people have to be caught in lies and manipulations before people start saying enough?
This is ridiculous.Its clear these people will go through all sorts of extremes to get their agenda across since their contradicting and horribly thought out logic doesn't work.
I just hope someone with the resources and know-how finally blow the whole lid off this soon.

Blacktric1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

The flavor of the week right now is "I have been lurking on secret 4chan IRC raid channels and been screencapping stuff, here is the evidence that proves gamergate's been under control of 10 people on an IRC channel that nobody on 4chan have ever heard about."

We are posting pictures of people insulting us, threatening to kill a 10 year old kid and then doxxing him, pictures of SJWs asking blacks, latinos, asians, homosexuals, transsexuals pictures of proof that they're real and not straight white males pretending, pictures of Zoe basically admitting that Maya Kramer was the one who doxxed The Fine Young Capitalists' charity. And pictures of Anita Sarkeesian retweeting the account name of an a-hole that posted CP, to prove that she's being a victim (yes, by promoting disgusting child abuse in her favor by direct linking the account that posted them)...

Every single one of these have been called out for being "fake" or "so what" for no good goddamn reason. Yet when their "queen" posts pictures from an IRC channel that nobody knew existed, they use it as an excuse to call the whole movement as "anti women and anti minority". Jesus christ they posted a picture of some guy using a fake picture of some black guy from a news article to use the notyourshield hashtag, and using it as proof that every minority who posts their pics using that hashtag is basically a liar.

Oh and those screencaps from IRC channel is just people telling others to stop trying to harrass Quinn or others, since it damages the movement. It's not, in any shape or form, a "raid channel". Just a bunch of retards mouthing off and discussing petty crap.

Screw these people. All they're doing is pissing people off the right way and making them work their asses off even more to prove our side is right, without using harrasment.

DragonKnight1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Is there a link to that /v/ post? It needs to get out to more people because there are a lot of people that don't go to 4Chan but would love to get behind that.

Nevermind, found it.

For any who want that info, go to this link.

Lawboy21563d ago

Great article enjoyed reading...I agree please stop this nonsense

LightDiego1563d ago

Great article indeed, and great post shared by Foxtrot, we need to keep pushing forward #GamerGate.

rarity1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Can someone explain to what's gling on with this and Kotaku stuff please? i haven't really been paying attention to it,all i remember is that zoey quinn stuff. thanks in advance.

sAVAge_bEaST1563d ago

Separation of Church & State.

Separation of Games & Politics/Agendas.

(this is getting ridiculous , needs to stop)

TheTwelve1563d ago


Lots of people who are getting caught up in this will find themselves taking their fun hobby too seriously, and then it won't be fun anymore.

Dee_911563d ago

I don't know about that... I take this very seriously, but I still have s#it ton of fun playing games lol
To be honest, its kind of bigger than gaming and gaming journalism.Censorship is happening on a huge scale in our society nowadays.Take the celebrity leaking scandal.How many celebs got called misogynist and sexist or whatever for " blaming the victim" to the point they had to delete tweets, or how steven a smith got suspended for the remarks he made about ray rice and his fiance ( shout out to whoopie goldberg).Like I said before I can deal with all that and tolerate it, however I refuse to let that BS infiltrate my hobby.

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