The Final Fantasy XV Problem

Kotaku- "On Sunday, when I asked Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi what he thinks of the current state of the franchise he built, his answer was short and blunt. "Final Fantasy XV is taking too long." Is it?

Well, when The Game Now Called Final Fantasy XV was first announced back in May 2006, the president was George W. Bush; Kingdom Hearts II was brand new; pop star Lorde was ten years old; "next-gen" meant Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3; the latter two consoles hadn't even come out yet; Hannah Montana had just debuted; Twitter didn't exist; Saddam Hussein was still alive; Little Miss Sunshine was about to hit theaters; and gamers across the world were all eagerly awaiting a little video game called Half-Life 2: Episode 1.

So, yes, Mr. Sakaguchi, we all agree with you there. Final Fantasy XV is taking too long. And while it's silly for any of us to complain that director Tetsuya Nomura and crew are taking their time to make this game as good as possible, it's also becoming apparent that with every passing month, the stakes are getting higher, not just for the future of Final Fantasy but for the future of role-playing games in Japan as a whole."

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Kid-Prodigy-KP1411d ago

This was a really good article to read. It hit all the points.

joab7771411d ago

This is what I simply do not understand. How [email protected]#!#$ hard is it to make a great FF game. If Ni No Kuni is any indication, simply making an newer game w/in a similar template would be fine. We all love the lore etc. FF14 is doing great and it's an mmo.

First, dont worry about western rpgs. Just dont. Second, write an amazing, cohesive story with wonderful charming characters and a great hero. Third, grahipcs. The luminous engine looked capable of giving us something stunning on next gen. And last, make a FF game. Have an over world in which you can travel to different places. Have enemies onscreen. Battle systems have been pretty good. Just expand. Give us amazing boss fights and monster hunting. Have sprawling towns w/ shops and quests, some games, chocoholic raising etc.

And if u want to push the boundaries, do it online. Create an amazing party system, maybe akin to dragons dogma. Allow Co op maybe, and the sharing of loot. And make a kick ass endgame once the story ends.

Wtf? I just don't understand. There r so many areas to revolutionize without changing the core concepts that we love. To be honest, I just wish wet would get a next gen Lost Odyssey.

Becuzisaid1411d ago

I want to hit agree a thousand times but I can't.

breakpad1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

the worst ever opinion from a developer...the guy is just out of palce ...because Square Enix made terrible abomination games with FFXIIIs ans now people doesnt trust Square at all , he foresees that console games will be doomed if his games will not sell ..the man is idiot ..I ve lost interest for the game from the moment it became multi (they are eager to gather money and they dont focus to one system for quality)and maybe would not be that successful (because they re forced to develop a game to have appeal to all gamers -impossible) but because they are failed developers doesnt by any mean that consoles have no future (huge example the Bloodborn devs who returned to old challenging gameplay with quality in game and earned the respect from everyone) ..his opinion is just desperate beacause of the failed FFXIII and FF online

kalkano1411d ago

"It's no secret that the video game industry is and has always been about trends, and for JRPGs, Final Fantasy has always been on the vanguard. When Final Fantasy went 3D, other JRPGs were right behind it. When Final Fantasy went to PlayStations 1 and 2, other JRPGs followed suit. And when Final Fantasy declined, with only one single-player main installment in the series even coming out during the last generation of consoles, other JRPGs simply started to disappear."

Yet another reason why I cannot support XV. The best-case result of supporting this game, would be a slew of Japanese action-RPGs. That's not a future I'm interested in. That wouldn't be any better than the current state of the Japanese industry.

MrSwankSinatra1411d ago

What's the point of that? The top current JRPG's on consoles are action based so not supporting Final Fantasy XV really doesn't change anything at all.

kalkano1411d ago

"The top current JRPG's on consoles are action based"

That's not saying much. JRPGs need to return to their form from the 90's, where we had a good balance of turn-based, turn-based strategy, and action, and all of those games had MUCH more effort put into them than today's JRPGs. Otherwise, I don't see a point in JRPGs existing at all. It really can't get worse than it is now.

Sevir1411d ago

Its a future i'd rather support, JRPGs have all but dried up, If FFXV fails, The entire genre of JRPGs will likely not exist in the paltry capacity it is in now. I'd rather some form of JRPG than none at all.

If FFXV thrives and is a savior, Maybe Traditional JRPGs will make a return. that possibility is worth the commercial success and investment into supporting an IP that has largely been butchered.

If This game dies, you can bet your bottom Dollar Square will Cancel KH3 and fire the last remaining visionary at Square which is Tetsuya Nomura, lord Knows that's the only saving grace left for that company.

elninels1410d ago

nope. They won't cancel kh3. That is absurd to believe after all the fanfare. Kh3 didn't sell on its jrpg points, it sold on combining absolutely beloved characters from too massive franchises.

DCfan1411d ago

The new YS is all i need from JRPGs. Also, Falcom games that never see the light of day outside of japan.
FF doesn't represent the japanese industry.

ritsuka6661411d ago

FF doesn't represent the japanese industry. ''

Totally agree.

elninels1410d ago

One hundred percent. Anything atlus does will still be golden.

ritsuka6661411d ago

[email protected]

I agree with you. I really hate action jrpg, this is one reason why this game is already a fail in my eyes. ON topic: SE is completely irrelevant. They no longer have any influence over any facet of this industry. They have no future and they should stop talking as if they do.

EXVirtual1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I saw this exact same comment on Neogaf earlier.
Anyways, when you say SE is irrelevant, you're kinda contradicted yourself. You agree with the kalkano and in turn agree with the article, yet you say SE is irrelevant.
This article and most of the people on this thread obviously think that the FF ip is extremely relevant, to the point that if one installment fails financially, it apparently spells the end of Japanese console games.
This sort of thing reminds me of people like you and Kalkano Complaino that repeatedly stress the notion that the last half decent FF was X,yet still whine about it 13 years later.

EXVirtual1411d ago

I think you need to come to grips with the fact that making turn based game after turn based game is not optional anymore.
One sale lost isn't gonna change anything.

kalkano1411d ago

I think you largely underestimate how many people prefer turn-based. It's not "one sale lost". In this case, it'll be millions of sales lost. I'm not saying we're the majority; but there ARE millions of us.

EXVirtual1410d ago

You misunderstood. Yes, nostalgia blind fools will not get the game. There are a lot of them.
However this game will also attract ARPG fans and KH fans that did not touch FF in it's turn based former.
Again, turn based is no longer dominant. You don't like it, don't waste your time thinking you know better than a company that actually makes games as opposed to a bunch of guys who just give their opinion on them.

kalkano1410d ago

"Yes, nostalgia blind fools will not get the game."

Completely immature.

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Jyndal1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The problem is change.

JRPG's are slowly morphing into ARPG's with an anime art style.
Final Fantasy's problem is that there's more cutscene than game. It's what drove me off of the series around X. Of course, if you ask the kids for whom X was their first FF experience, they don't see a problem with it, and I'm just too old to appreciate the "game".

Like most things, we'll all eventually look back on certain eras of gaming and wish they hadn't changed. Final Fantasy is no different.

Sevir1411d ago

More cutscenes than gameplay? nope! Whats the problem is that JRPGs have become very cliché and generic. FF13 and its sequels were all very generic. Action RPGs are by design of whats capable by the current hardware generation. the slow slow turn based RPGs on a big screen simply isn't attractive enough for this gneration's hardware. things change over time you cant repeat the same formula in games and expect it all to have the same impact. That's why sequels often score lower than originals because they rarely innovate on the core mechanics they improve... example... Uncharted 2 -> Uncharted 3... even though I felt U3 was better than U2 critics felt the game was more of the same from U2 and it didn't introduce new mechanics or Nuances that had a broader impact like the jump from Unchart:DF->U2.

kalkano1411d ago

"JRPG's are slowly morphing into ARPG's"

That's the problem. There have always been Japanese action-RPGs, but now almost ALL of them are action-RPGs.

DCfan1410d ago

The only action rpgs that i know of are the Shining series (They're now), Tales of, Star Ocean. and thats it, please enlighten me if im missing a game.
Falcom, Atlus, NIS are all still making turn based RPGs.

Spotie1410d ago

No, there haven't always been Japanese arpgs. And they're not all that, right now.

This really is a bunch of people blinded by nostalgia.

The games can be just as good without being turn-based. Too bad people are so hung up on the game not being turn-based.

kalkano1410d ago

^ It is very immature to dismiss differing opinions as "nostalgia". People disagree with you. Deal with it.

johny51411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

We need more Chibi RPG's, with a serious story, like the original PS1 games "FF7" "FF9", with music that's original and diverse. The music should be so good, it can tell a story on it's own!

Speaking of stories, it should be complicated yet simplicit, with many back stories for characters and side plots, to create the feeling of real adventure!!!

Final Fantasy "now" is all about pushing the graphics, but they forgot all thee above!

DCfan1411d ago

Check out BlazBlue. Its not a JRPG but the story is so damn good i enjoyed it as much as the fighting.

Inception1411d ago

BlazBlue and Guilty Gear needs their spin-off RPG, like Samurai Showdown RPG. The story are top notch with very big world and memorable characters.

arbitor3651411d ago

square clearly has the resources to have had this game made by now. they are always opening new studios and pumping out tons of games, but they wont put out any big ambitious projects on a home console, like they used to. their business model is quantity over quality, these days

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