Aonuma wants to take fan reaction into account while developing Zelda Wii U

NE: "Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma made some comments during interviews at E3 which initially suggested that the character featured in the new game for Wii U could be female. Eventually though, his remarks were clarified."

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Geekman1499d ago

I imagine he spent post-E3 watching Youtuber reactions to the teaser.

LightDiego1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Please, i think the majority of Zelda fans want Link to be a male, like always happened, opinions of these corrupt journalists from Gamergate are irrelevant.

@Vegamuster: true, but i prefer the vision of Aonuma and Nintendo for the game, not from some random people, specially these journalists, but no way that will happen anyway.

Vegamyster1499d ago

That's unreleted to what he's talking about.

"Rather unexpectedly, after I mentioned that no one had explicitly said that it was Link in the trailer, this speculation spread online and seems to have led to the idea that the main character will be a girl."

Xof1499d ago

Actually, the majority of gamers probably don't care one way or another whether or not Nintendo gives players the option to choose a gender for link.

It just pisses off bigots--and bigots tend to be very loud.

Nevers0ft1498d ago

I agree. You'd have to be a monumental idiot to care if you could chose the sex of Link. Personally I'll pick male because I am one (if rumour is to be believed) but why the hell should it matter to me if somebody wants to play as a female Link?

karlowma1499d ago

Nintendo has done a pretty damn fine job making Zelda games to this point. Why start listening to the loudmouths of the internet now?

Xof1499d ago

They've always done that, though.

Remember all that idiocy with Wind Waker? The backlash for that art style spurred the dark, "realistic" aesthetic of Twilight Princess. Hell, until this past year or so the Nintendo higher-ups STILL thought "the West" hated Wind Waker because of its art style.

This ain't a new trend.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

While that may be true for art styles, it's rarely if ever the truth for overall plot mechanics.

karlowma1499d ago

I feel like everyone, excepting a vocal minority, appreciated Windwaker's art style for what it was: evocative and emotive. The professional world seems to agree, as the number of cell shaded games we saw afterwards increased noticeably.

The danger of listening to the few and the loud is that a professionally developed artistic vision can be compromised by uneducated members lacking the capacity to innovate.

2EHO1499d ago

Yeah like when everyone was asking you to keep the artstyle from the Zelda HD demo

Systemshock21499d ago

The only reaction feedback Nintendo needs is 2015 release date, better for both us and Nintendo.

Its already too late for them to win the console race.

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