The Price of Videogames: How Much Are They Worth?

Are videogames truly worth their price tag? And how does the industry's current pricing structure reflect upon gaming in general? A Nintendo Enthusiast contributor gets right into it.

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Serrafina1533d ago

$18 dollars *if it contains any DLC for extra characters, expansion for maps, or an extension to the story because you're not buying the whole "package". No, future players are just getting "30%" these days.

XBLSkull1533d ago

It costs me $20 to go see a movie that entertains me for 2 hours. Provided a game gives me at least 6 hours of entertainment I easily have a better investment than going to see a movie in the theatre. Most games I buy provide me at least double that, minimum.

Movies $10/hr
Games 13cents to $5/hr depending on game.

I'll take games any day of the week for a price per hour of entertainment investment.

GrandpaSnake1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

i was just talking about this to a lot of my friends that is why i love rpg's in general. but a lot of individuals who talk like this usually are not so the question is why are you content with so much less content.During last gen i noticed games starting being really short and campaigns especially on shooters were brought down to around 4 hours of content some of the larger action adventure games were at about 7-10 hours to experienced players. now its like a lot of people think its ok to have just 4 hours? dude that is why i think the destiny backlash to the campaign being small is outright crazy. Destiny an mmo style game online can possible yield much more hours than a campaign strictly for 1 player in per se a open world game and especially over another fps shooter.

N4g_null1532d ago

Mini quest and fetch games or puzzle that are one and done are sort of lame entertainment.

Skill based game play entertainment value is unbound. Most of the time if you are involved in that type of game you will replay it 100 of times. Like a good movie you will replay it because of the many things you can get from it, yet that can be limited I'm most cases.

The problem is there are no new talent driven studio when it comes to game play. Every thing is visual and hour based or inflated.

Gaming has become virtual toy collecting, where the toys can't be broken. Virtual reality in just graphical style is not trumped by imaginary styles simply because there are no new styles being created.

We bought games mostly because of the art and game play in them during the 16 bit rev. This has all changed but I would argue we had way more fun than anything coming from modern studios that ignore what the 8 and 16 bit era did.

iceman6001532d ago

where the hell are u going to see your movies? i can watch 2 for that price lol.

3-4-51532d ago

Depends on the Game

* I'd easily pay $80 for Dragon Quest 11, but I wouldn't pay $20 for that new sims game.

CorndogBurglar1533d ago

Considering all the man power that goes in to making a quality game? Sure. Why not?

annoyedgamer1533d ago

What man power? Most games are cut and paste. Only games worth their asking price right now are coming from foreign countries. The Witcher 3, Sleeping Dogs, Metro, Deus Ex HR, Cyberpunk 2077 is likely, and Halo MCC. It goes to show money isnt everything.

CorndogBurglar1533d ago

"What man power?"

Have you never played a game to the end and seen the credits? Those aren't all just random people they are listing. Those are the names of the people that made the game. All of those people have to be paid, which costs money. Yeah. That man power.

Velyx1533d ago

I personally don't care how much a game cost to make or even how many people are involved in the process of making it. If the game is only 6-9 hours long with no replayability; I will buy it for $10-$20 or just rent it. Why should I spend $50-$60 for something like that?

If the developers are known for pumping out well made games (CDPR and Bioware to some extent) with either a long playtime or high replayability then I'll pay what they ask at release.

I'm only talking about known games that get yearly releases or sequels. If it's a new developer or IP then I'm willing to drop the cash they ask for if the game looks fun to me.

greenlantern28141532d ago

And it's not just the many developers and other people working for the company. There is also manufacturing and distribution and advertising. So you are right lots time effort and money is spent making games.

N4g_null1532d ago

This whole thing really comes down to how to attach quality to the content. I'm finding tons of people who are tired of realism. I find my self really in grossed in imaginary creation and how far they go.

Most gamers choose online play over challenging game play or skill based game play. The casual have chosen pay to win or games that wait on you. Gamers are way older it would seem and bring their drama or armchair ideas into the platform alot more.

It seems the idea is worth more than refining the idea or the effort to do that.

Supporting a huge team is not the point of gaming. Supporting a huge advertising blitz is not the point of gaming. All other games fail if there is no replay value or actual game play. If you can answer what skill I'm using to play your game then you must be an interactive novel or movie. The value of those are minimum at best. Plus the story telling has to get way better.

also why is everything being remade for realistic games. That is just silly. Do I pay people to build me a shed or just buy one at the home improvement store. Too much duplication and pawning it off as if it is new just because of a story or ip attached.

Lots of things need to be stopped in gaming before huge amounts of people begin to leave.

It is also as if game designers are only making games for game designers now in an attempt to win awards lol. No one cares about gaming anymore except a few companies and no I'm not talking about sony. They would have more to stand on other than specs and loosing money on hardware to increase the value of ownership. Also historically weak 3rd parties are propping them up now after they pulled a mini EA and let talent go. Sony has 3 more gens to fix their lack of game play leadership though. Nintendo are 1 or two gens away from doubling their output and sales. If they can pull an appstore like apple or valve out and make their hardware simple what you are willing to pay or play with super cheap to uber high end and get more indies to rejuvenate the industry then things will turn around very quickly for them.

It will be an interesting generation though. I see a lot of duds coming that will get high sales simply because gamers are desperate to support their Fandom.

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EdoubleD1533d ago

They used to be £40, now they're £50. I liked it when it was £40.

ScottyHoss1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

They used to be $60 where I'm at, now it's $70 (CAD). That and DLC is way too much, especially considering how poorly some DLC is made

Hk85karlsson1533d ago

...and here it's still 90-110$ (USD) (Sweden)

kingdip901533d ago

For me it depends on how long a game is and whether it's worth that amount of my time invested in its length. I will happily pay $60 for a game that will past me 40+ hours with an engaging story but I wont pay anywhere near that amount for something designed to pass small amounts of time here and there with minimal effort.

Retroman1533d ago


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