Creative Director Discusses 2015 Delay For Wii U Version Of Project CARS

IGN - Creative Director Andy Tudor has explained why Project CARS' Wii U release date was delayed until 2015.

"There's no conspiracy here - we announced the Wii U very early on in our development cycle, and some people think because we've been working on it a lot longer so it should be out now," Tudor said to Eurogamer. "The Xbox One version looks wicked, the PC version looks awesome, so does the PS4 version. It's not our goal to rush the Wii U version and have it not look as good as the other ones."

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eaise1537d ago

It's too bad SMS put the Wii U version on the back burner. They are going to lose a lot of sales having the Wii U version come out so much later than the others. To think they were supposed to be the developer that showed others how to treat Wii U owners. Oh well you win some, you lose some.

iamnsuperman1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

A lot of sales? Probably not. The Wii U version probably will not sell as much as it could if it released around the same time but third party sales on the Wii U tend not to be that great anyway. Lets be realistic. They will loose some sales but definitely not a lot of sales

eaise1536d ago

Third parties may sell less on Wii U but that is because they are bad ports, missing part of the game, released late, or a combination of the three. SMS was supposed to change that.
But let's say even if it did come out at the same time it would sell less, hypothetically speaking here. So 35% of people on Wii U want this type of game. There is no competition with other games Project Cars sells over 2 million copies. So then lets say 50% of X1 users want this type of game. There is tons of competition from well established brands. Project Cars might sell a million if people buy mote than one of the same type of game. Same applies to PS4 except because of the large install base it would sell aboit 3 million if people buy it after they buy their other game

Magicite1536d ago

no 3rd parties for wiiU

N4g_null1536d ago

You know what I'll wait to see if they are actually using the breakthurs used in various nintendo first party games and the new shader bible being made by indies for indies for the wiiu api. Unity3d has been a big driving force in this.

I'm inclined to wait and see on these guys. So far more than 1 core has not been used in any 3rd party games on the wiiu and the wiiu does have the tech to replicate most effects that are done on any other system.

If this was not true then I would not wait on them. Besides I have to much to play already. Plus seeing what's coming helps oh yeah if you really want to see under the hood of the wiiu sign up!

memots1536d ago

They should kill the project now. They didnt have the resources to bring it out. But on the other hand after the release of the game on all platform it should release some of the resources and they can apply it to the WiiU version, granted that the game release is smooth and not a fiasco/buggy out of the gate.

Darkwatchman1536d ago

How the fudge are they going to "try" to make the WiiU version look as good as the others?

RSKnight1536d ago

Exactly. I don't wan't to sound anti-WiiU, but I don't understand why are there people who believe this game can look as good on the WiiU as it will on the other consoles/PC. The WiiU version has to be a washed down version, it simply there is no other way. When this games comes to the WiiU (whenever that happens) it will be a PR disaster for Slightly Mad Studios like Watch Dogs was for Ubisoft. They are over promising and will under deliver. I don't need a crystal ball to see it coming.

Gamerbeyond1536d ago

they might not be able to get the wiiu version to look like ps4/xone, but they can make it look better than other wiiu titles, they can pride themselves on using the full potential of the wiiu's hardware and resources.

N4g_null1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Shaders and using the api fully are all that holds this game back.

Also if they can provide an engine for wiiu ports that match other consoles then they would have an atm on the hands.

It's not that the wiiu lacks power it is mostly a lack of middleware. It is extremely expensive to build your own engine and many things have to be changed due to gpgpus that simply do things differently. These consoles are way closer in power than ever before. Sure some have bigger numbers but if you understand those number you quickly realize that all ports are going to be pretty much the same once all is used in these systems.

The only thing that has real power meaning over 3 teraflops of power are pcs and some newer mobile chips.

AKR1536d ago

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

You're trying to make it "better" by putting it in a worse position? Goodness; as much other titles as PS4 and XBOX One and PC are getting in a similar timeframe to this game's release - I hope they can even make a decent amount of sales there.

This kind of game is nowhere to be seen on Nintendo platforms past or present; meaning they have the whole 9-yards to frolic in with Wii U - yet everyone who wants the game is going to buy it THIS YEAR, not whenever the U version comes out.

No screenshots, no gameplay clips - NOTHING. It's like they aren't even trying to keep the interest of Nintendo gamers. Goodness; this has been in development for about 1.5 years on the U - why does it suddenly need "more time"?

randomass1711536d ago

Unfortunately I have to agree. Anyone who wants this game will get it when it comes out on the other systems. There will be no interest in a Wii U version next year, much like Wii U Watch Dogs.

N4g_null1536d ago

I agree also but that all can be fixed by showing screenshots. If these guys are smart then they will watch how this game is played and offer fixes are more modes of game play that would work better for wiiu audiences.

I already have a pretty racer in need for speed and would love a Sim racer that can also be played like an arcade racer in a different mode. It would be very cool if they could get some middleware out of this tweaking.

If they are truly working on the shader rewrites then you don't want screen shots for the uneducated gamers to see. It would cuase the same backlash but worst. Every one wants to write the wiiu off so they can save money it seems.

Vegamyster1536d ago

Still don't understand why they chose to delay the version that topped their own poll.

Metallox1536d ago

That's why they dealyed the version.


ape0071536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

i don't know man, im not a conspiracy freak but this and Minecraft smells fishy

u can understand some games like batman and CoD, they don't wanna waste time with the wiiu but this is weird

i believe nintendo don't follow today's business practices. whether they're good or bad i dunno

WeAreLegion1536d ago

Because that poll was trolled by /b/. That's why.

Nevers0ft1536d ago

I guess it was trolled by r/wiiu as well?

Ark_1536d ago

You know, I voted in that poll for WiiU, because I found their move to bring it to the WiiU very likable and bold at the same time. I would have supported them with a purchase, just to encourage other developers to give it a shot.

Unfortunately the delay disuaded me from that.

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