Latest GTA V Remastered Release Date Rumor Points to October

You might be getting sick of these rumored release dates, but would you rather be informed or not? Plus it will be interesting to see which store had it right when the GTA 5 is actually released for PC, PS4 and X1. This latest date, courtesy of a Fred Meyer reservation card, is actually next month on October 28.

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PommyGit1536d ago

Would be nice indeed. How reliable is Fred Meyer?

ArchRider1536d ago

We need Rockstar to say something!

TheSaint1536d ago

They are notoriously tight lipped about this sort of thing.

starchild1536d ago

I don't know. There were a lot of those stores when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, but now I live in Arizona and there aren't any around here. I shopped there, but I can't say how reliable they would be on something like this.

AgentSmithPS41536d ago

October would be nice, especially if they had a 'zombie mode' in time for Halloween.

iSuperSaiyanGod1536d ago

Basicly as reliable as walmart . It's a big brand store in the north west were I live just like walmart .

ZombieKiller1533d ago

Ahh my predictions are close! I was thinking it was going to come out in November (Either the 14th like the rumors say or that Tuesday the 18th) BUT I thought they might try to get the zombie content out on next gen asap which would mean a Haloween release date would be more precise!
By the way, October 28th IS A TUESDAY!

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NxeonPwn1536d ago

Maybe let's just wait until we hear an official announcement? Right? Sounds cool.

Eonjay1536d ago

Looks like we get a new release date every day.
Today's episode of GTA on N4G is brought to you by the random date of "October 28"

Codewow1536d ago

Will there be an upgrade discount to PC? No? Awe.. okay.

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The story is too old to be commented.