Bungie Weekly Update - 09/05/2014

Dee J:

This week at Bungie, we created Guardians that will never die.

We’ve lost count of how many brave heroes we’ve nurtured down the path from inception to legend, only to lose them to a new build of Destiny. The Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks that we’re playing as now will endure. They just need some more company in the Tower – and out in the wild.

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Yo Mama1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

This is exactly what I reasoned three days ago but got 8 disagrees. Lol.

"Like I mentioned to someone else recently. I'd just chalk it up to the fact that they're afraid of letting a few people online to review it when it really needs everyone online to get the full feel of it. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want someone reviewing my game if it was almost completely empty. The social aspect is too strong with this one to be reviewed any other way."

@aconnellan- Exactly! You know a few reviewers would have said that too. If not something worse. Haha

aconnellan1533d ago

That's exactly it, a social game calls for a social setting. Exploring an empty world - one designed to be as populated and thriving as Destiny - makes for a pretty boring experience, and most reviews would end up more speculative than reporting.

"As I ran through the valley and through areas that normally trigger public events, I marvelled at how fun it would be if there were other people playing with me."

mikeslemonade1533d ago

I predict a low 80s aggregate score.

MrPink20131533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Games like this need post launch reviews. The game has to be stable online and consumers need to know how well Bungie plans on supporting the game. Not only with new content but how quickly they can resolve issues because we all know there will be online issues. Early reviews can give consumers an idea of what the game is like and how much content and deep the gameplay is.

Sevir1532d ago

I said the same thing. Games like this simply cannot be accurately reviewed under closed controlled variables like review events that simulate the full experience, This is a living breathing world built on the pillars of online connectivity and social encounters.

Its always on and you need to beable to take in everything with a populated world with other players, you need to beable to seamlessly start a mission, lin up with buddies or strangers participate in Public events, jump from planet to planet, or launch directly into a crucible match. and then, all these things need thousands upon thousands of people to be accurately review and in the most honest way.

So Destiny haters can call it a conspiracy, but the reality is... playing destiny on unpopulated servers is silly and foolish and totally defeats the premise of what bungie calls a Shared world Shooter. that's like Playing an MMO RPG but being the only player in the world. just doesn't work and doesn't make sense.

I'm glad they are being transparent and putting the game out so reviewers and gamers get to experience it at the same time along side each other. IGN has already said they'll have their review of the game up next Tuesday. I certainly hope the rest of the industry reviews this game with that same review integrity because we know the day one reviews simply will review it just to get the hits to drive traffic and sales. And Destiny haters will be looking on for a reason to write off the game further more. I'll be on this game at launch.

xHeavYx1532d ago

@Yo Mama (I giggle every time)
You got 8 disagrees!? Oh noes! I hope you were able to recover from that traumatic experience.

OT: Day one reviewes of Destiny will only be clickbait reviewes. People should play this game for at least 50 hours before even starting a review

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Big_Game_Hunters1533d ago

Yet there is no item trading.

aconnellan1533d ago

Not yet, no. They have confirmed that it's coming at a later date. I can't remember off the top of my head why they decided not to include it though

JoGam1533d ago

Item trading? Wow didn't know you'll be able to do that.

SonyMontana1533d ago

@aconnellan Sorry but no, they actually confirmed there will be no trading. You CAN swap weapons between your own 3 characters by way of the vault in the tower. The reason for this, they stated, is because they want everyone to earn the gear they have so its more meaningful. If you don't believe me it was in one if the recent Dev updates on

joab7771533d ago

It's simple and I don't blame them. Why allow reviews to skew a record setting pre order. It's why Cod doesn't do betas.

If u know u r gonna sell a ton, why take the chance. And u can't fault them b/c unlike most games, they already released and amazing extended beta, and it's an mmo of sorts. No way to properly review.

Codewow1533d ago

The thing is, they try to stray away from the "MMO" genre yet they say it's a social game... Which means it's more MMO then they give it credit. The game only needs 20 people on a server to be playable as a social game. 20 reviewers would have sufficed.

Mac4201532d ago

How if you have this small group of reviewers all playing on different worlds an different area's. It would be dead, let alone how dead the tower would be. Did you play the Beta? Or even know anything about this game...?

Codewow1531d ago

@Mac420 Yes, I played the beta and I know plenty about the game. There's not much that I wouldn't know having played all the games this mashes up into one.

BX811533d ago

same here. I guess some people just want a conspiracy. Lol.

Docknoss1533d ago


Funantic11533d ago

People don't get it. The beta was average at best. They just want something new to play. Watch the complaints on the 10th.

wsoutlaw871533d ago

Thanks for the caps so that everyone knows how important your opinion is.

Rimeskeem1532d ago


Ch1d0r11532d ago

Its like reviewing Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, etc... with out the entire pool of online players. Totally different experience. Good looking out.

Dontworrybhappy1532d ago

Ahh that makes more sense, my excitement for Destiny just went up yaku percento!

3-4-51532d ago

* That is like reviewing a City, while there are no people in it.

How would you ever know what New York is actually like, if all the people were away ?

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ElectroJade1533d ago

Or maybe they just don't want corrupt journalists to review their game. Hahaha!

ShowGun9011532d ago

lol yea, i bet lots of places try to get hits giving it a 20 or something... predicting 9/10s

iNFAMOUZ11533d ago

only 4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, well more like 3 now ,since this day is almost over!!!!

Xb1ps41533d ago

Makes sense.. If you can afford it support it regardless of reviews, it is a very good developer so chances are you will like it.. If not... Well it's not the end of the world so just trade it back in that is what most of you like to do anyway right?

jdktech20101533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

We’re okay with that. We’ve created something we’re proud of.”

Sounds like they're totally hiding something.... I get it's all just speak and no real facts but they're reasoning seems solid to me.

"“We explored several options to populate the world for reviewers. Our team estimates it would take thousands of gamers to ensure each potential public space in Destiny would be populated – that every activity would be accessible at all hours of the day and night. Where on Earth would we be able to find thousands of gamers? The answer, again, is you.”

That's not hard to argue in my opinion especially for an online only game that relies on some interaction with other people. If the game is reviewed when the servers aren't populated and the reviewer says it felt empty, they could lose a sale for someone who wanted a more populated environment.

OUROSMAG1533d ago

It's sad that we've gotten to the point that there is always an ulterior motive behind anyone's action.

Here's a shocker sometimes people say exactly what they mean.

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