#GamerGate Indie Dev Talks Goals, Harrassment and Feminism

From GamesReviews:

"One of the biggest problems with the #GamerGate controversy is that it's all being said in 140 characters or less. Add in two or three people, and the conversation almost boils down to individual words. This isn't a good way of discussing what is a complicated issue, so I took to Twitter, asking for people on both sides to come forward in the hopes that we could record an interview to find some sort of middle ground. Although several #GamerGate supporters got in touch, we received no volunteers for the anti side of the debate.

"For that reason, last night I spoke with New York based designer and Indie Dev Nick Robalilk, a passionate member of the pro-#GamerGate discussion who's angry that journalists and fellow developers feel it's okay to trash the people that put food on their tables."

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